Process Modelling and Landform Evolution

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November 1998



This book presents approaches to landscape modelling not only from geography but also from various related disciplines, especially from applied mathematics, computer science, and geophysics. New methods of terrain representation, analysis and classification are presented as well as short- and long-term process models. The intention of the book is not to give a complete overview of these broad and complex topics, but to stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation and to encourage scientists to consider the ideas of related disciplines.


The need for field evidence in modelling landform evolution.- Relations between land surface properties: Altitude, slope and curvature.- Gibbs fields with multiple pairwise interactions as a tool for modelling grid-based data.- Adaptive hierarchical methods for landscape representation and analysis.- Numerical simulation of surface runoff and infiltration of water.- A dupuit approximation for saturated-unsaturated lateral soil water flow.- Erosional development of small scale drainage networks.- A combined conceptual model for the effects of fissure-induced infiltration on slope stability.- Local slope stability analysis.- Landscape modelling at Regional to Continental scales.- Exploring the potential for physically-based models and contemporary slope processes to examine the causes of holocene mass movement.- Self-organized criticality in landsliding processes.- Tectonic predesign in geomorphology.- Modelling changes in terrain resistance as a component of landform evolution in unstable hill country.- Precision of parameter estimation in meander models.
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