Principles of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

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This work aims to familiarize students with the fundamentals of colloid and surface science, from various types of colloids and colloidal phenomena, and classical and modern characterization/measurement techniques to applications of colloids and surface science in engineering, technology, chemistry, physics and biological and medical sciences.


Colloid and surface chemistry - scope and variables; sedimentation and diffusion and their equilibrium; solution thermodynamics - osmotic and Donnan equilibria; the rheology of dispersions; static and dynamic light scattering and other radiation scattering; surface tension and contact angle - application to pure substances; adsorption from solution and monolayer formation; colloidal structures in surfactant solutions - association colloids; adsorption at gas-solid interfaces; van der Waals forces; the electrical double layer and double-layer interactions; electrophoresis and other electrokinetic phenomena; electrostatic and polymer-induced colloid stability; appendix A - examples of expansions encountered in this book; appendix B - units - CGS-SI interconversions; appendix C - statistics of discrete and continuous distributions of data; appendix D - list of worked-out examples.


"High praise from peers . . .contains valuable information on many topics of interest to food rheologists and polymer scientists. . ..should be in the libraries of academic and industrial food research organizations." ---Journal of Texture Studies ." . .the treatment is unique. The most striking, perhaps, is the introduction of short 'vignettes. . ..' which expand on the main point being made in the text. This is a fine revision of a fine book. Highly recommended." ---Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology ." . .an excellent textbook, excellently organised, clearly written and well laid out." ---Chromatographia "Controlled release scientists will find the book of major help in solving problems related with diffusion, sedimentation, osmosis, dispersion, colloidal suspensions, light scattering, surface tension, double-layer theory, electronkinetic phenomena and colloidal stability. . ..Recommended." ---Journal of Controlled Release
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