Primer of Geriatric Urology

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Primer of Geriatric Urology provides a review of the demographics of our aging urologic population and their unique needs. Chapters review alterations that must be considered in the initial evaluation of the aging patient, and follow with practical suggestions for development of the management plan, whether by counseling, medication, invasive procedure or foregoing procedures. Complications, especially likely in the elderly, are also discussed. The volume also provides a review of the use of necessary adjunctive services such as home care or hospice in the context of Medicare in the USA. An important chapter provides hints on urology practice in a nursing home. The volume concludes with analysis of specific geriatric entities seen in urology practice. Primer of Geriatric Urology will be of great value to urologists, residents, fellows and allied health professionals including physician's assistants and nurse practitioners who treat urologic patients. Additionally, this book will also be of interest to primary care providers who treat elderly patients with urologic problems.


Table of Contents PrefaceThomas J. Guzzo 
Chapter 1Introduction: Aging George W. Drach 
Chapter 2Approach to the Elderly Patient: EvaluationGeorge W. Drach 
Chapter 3Urologic Office Procedures Sanjay Kasturi, William I. Jaffe, and Ariana L. Smith  
Chapter 4Medication IssuesMary Ann Forciea  
Chapter 5Perioperative Care of the Geriatric Urology PatientEugene J. Pietzak and Thomas J. Guzzo 
Chapter 6Complications Particular to the ElderlyAndrew M. Harris and Thomas J. Guzzo 
Chapter 7Use of Adjunctive ServicesMary Ann Forciea  
Chapter 8Urology in the Nursing HomeGeorge W. Drach and Edna P. Schwab 
Chapter 9Urologic OncologyMatthew J. Resnick and Thomas J. Guzzo  
Chapter 10Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms  Ariana L. Smith and Alan J. Wein 
Chapter 11Geriatric SexualityPhilip Zhao, Daniel Su, and Allen D. Seftel  



From the reviews: "This book is appropriately targeted to urologists, family physicians, internists, geriatricians, and allied health professionals. The book addresses everything from pharmacology, perioperative care, and screening to urology in nursing home settings, economics, and sexuality specific to older patients." (Jeannette M. Potts, Urology, Vol. 82 (4), October, 2013) "The intended audience includes both residents and practicing urologists. They will find a broad overview of issues commonly encountered in the management of elderly patients. Allied urologic health specialists such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants will also find worth in this book. ... This will be a useful guide for the urologic community as our patient population ages. Overall, it is thorough, with many excellent references allowing readers to research a particular topic in greater detail." (Perry R. Weiner, Doody's Book Reviews, April, 2013)
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