Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists: A History and Guide

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Juli 2003



Contributors examine the struggle of psychologists to acquire the authority to prescribe psychotropic medications and recount the academic, political, and organizational issues that must be addressed to make this expansion of psychological practice a reality. The book provides details on the structure of existing prescriptive training programs as well as political strategies that advocates have used to advance legislation. Contributors also examine the future of prescriptive authority and how psychologists can integrate it into their treatment armamentarium to achieve the goal of becoming primary providers of behavioral health care services


The Politics and Pragmatics of Prescriptive Authority-Morgan T. Sammons; Early Efforts by Psychologists to Obtain Prescriptive Authority-Ronald E. Fox; Doubts About Prescribing-Laura S. Brown; Evolving Structures and Efforts in APA-Ruth U. Paige and Elizabeth A. Robinson; The Department of Defense Experiment: The Psychopharmacology Demonstration Project-Gregory B. Laskow and Dennis J. Grill; Experiences of a DoD Prescribing Psychologist: A Personal Account-Debra Lina Dunivin; Modern Training Programs-Ronald F. Levant, Judith E. N. Albino, Anita B. Brown, Samuel A. Feldman, Raymond A. Folen, Peggy Kaczmarek, Elaine S. Levine, Robert McGrath, Gloria D. Pickar, A. Eugene Shapiro, Steven R. Tulkin, and Cal VanderPlate; The Struggle in the States; Tommy T. Stigall, Raymond A. Folen, Charles A. Faltz, and Cal VanderPlate; Alliances With Consumers and Other Groups-Pat Gardner, and Linda Campbell; Psychopharmacology Examination for Psychologists Developed by the APA Practice Organization's College of Professional Psychology-Patricia M. Bricklin, and Janet Ciuccio; Prescribing Psychologists: The Future-Morgan T. Sammons, Ruth Ullmann Paige, and Ronald F. Levant
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