Prenatal Cocaine Exposure

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Prenatal Cocaine Exposures addresses the timely problem of maternal cocaine abuse and its effects on exposed infants, including growth retardation, learning, cardiovascular effects, and seizures. The impact of substance abuse on this and future generations presents an ongoing challenge to medical science. This comprehensive and authoritative volume reviews both animal and clinical studies to explain implications for treatment and long-term outcomes of early exposure.Prenatal Cocaine Exposures investigates the specific role of cocaine in altering fetal development. Discussions of current studies and state-of-the-art techniques provide a basis for informed clinical decisions. Pediatricians, medical specialists, basic scientists, educators, and policy makers will all benefit from the comprehensive research gathered in this volume.


Foreword, C.F. Barlow Introduction Cocaine and the Fetus: Methodological Issues and Neurological Correlates, C.A. Chiriboga Cocaine Pharmacology and Drug Interaction in the Fetal-Maternal Unit, G.D. Olsen and P.C. Schalock Obstetrical Pathophysiology of Cocaine, J.C. Glantz and J.R. Woods, Jr. Does Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Cause Strokes in Neonates? - Clinical Evidence, J.R. Buchhalter Vascular Complications and Mechanisms Related to Cocaine, J.A. Madden and M.D. Schreiber Behavioral and Convulsive Effects of Cocaine Metabolites: Mechanisms and Implications, R.J. Konkol and G. Scheulke Critical Review of Evidence for Neonatal Cocaine Intoxication and Withdrawal, D.A. Dempsey, D.M. Ferriero, and S.N. Jacobson Prenatal Cocaine Exposure and the Eye, W.V. Good, B.L. Hajnal, and D.M. Ferriero Transplacental Cocaine Exposure: Behavioral Consequences, A.S. Wilkins, B.E. Kosofsky, A.G. Romano, and J.A. Harvey Neurobehavioral Consequences of Gestational Cocaine Exposure: Studies Using a Rodent Model, L.P. Spear Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in Substance Exposed Infants: A Preliminary Report, H.T. Chugani
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