Predator-Prey Interactions in the Fossil Record

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From the Foreword: "Predator-prey interactions are among the most significant of all organism-organism interactions....It will only be by compiling and evaluating data on predator-prey relations as they are recorded in the fossil record that we can hope to tease apart their role in the tangled web of evolutionary interaction over time. This volume, compiled by a group of expert specialists on the evidence of predator-prey interactions in the fossil record, is a pioneering effort to collate the information now accumulating in this important field. It will be a standard reference on which future study of one of the central dynamics of ecology as seen in the fossil record will be built." (Richard K. Bambach, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech, Associate of the Botanical Museum, Harvard University)


Introduction. Part I: Taxonomic Review of the Fossil Record of Predation. 1. Predation on and by Foraminifera; S.J. Culver, J.H. Lipps. 2. Predation in Ancient Reef-Builders; R. Wood. 3. Trilobites in Paleozoic Predator-Prey Systems, and Their Role in Reorganization of Early Paleozoic Ecosystems; L.E. Babcock. 4. Predation by Drills on Ostracoda; R.A. Reyment, A.M.T. Elewa. 5. The Fossil Record of Drilling Predation on Bivalves and Gastropods; P.H. Kelley, T.A. Hansen. 6. The Fossil Record of Shell-Breaking Predation on Marine Bivalves and Gastropods; R.R. Alexander, G.P. Dietl. 7. Predation on Cephalopods: A General Overview with a Case Study From the Upper Carboniferous of Texas; R.H. Mapes, D.T. Chaffin. 8. Predation on Brachiopods; L.R. Leighton. 9. Predation on Bryozoans and its Reflection in the Fossil Record; F.K. McKinney, P.D. Taylor, S. Lidgard. 10. Predation on Crinoids; T.K. Baumiller, F.J. Gahn. 11. Predation on Recent and Fossil Echinoids; M. Kowalewski, J.H. Nebelsick. 12. Predation of Fishes in the Fossil Record; J. McAllister. 13. Dinosaur Predation: Evidence and Ecomorphology; T.R. Holtz Jr. 14. Bones of comprehension: The Analysis of Small Mammal Predator-Prey Interactions; J.P. Williams. 15. Early Human Predation; R. Potts. Part II: Major Macroevolutionary Episodes in the History of Predation. 16. Origin and Early Evolution of Predators The Ecotone Model and Early Evidence for Macropredation; M.A.S. Mcmenamin. 17. Durophagous Predation in Paleozoic Marine Benthic Assemblages; C.E. Brett. 18. The Mesozoic Marine Revolution; E.M. Harper.
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