Prebiotics and Probiotics Science and Technology

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A comprehensive overview on the advances in the field, this volume presents the science underpinning the probiotic and prebiotic effects, the latest in vivo studies, the technological issues in the development and manufacture of these types of products, and the regulatory issues involved. It will be a useful reference for both scientists and technologists working in academic and governmental institutes, and the industry.


1 Using probiotics and prebiotics to manage the gastrointestinal tract ecosystem
2 Molecular tools for investigating the gut microflora
3 Post-genomics approaches towards monitoring changes within the microbial ecology of the gut
4 Designing trials for testing the efficacy of pre- pro- and synbiotics
5 Mechanisms of prebiotic impact on health
6 Fructan prebiotics derived from inulin
7 Galacto-oligosaccharide prebiotics
8 Prebiotic potential of xylo-oligosaccharides
9 Resistant starch and starch-derived oligosaccharides as prebiotics
10 Oligosaccharides derived from sucrose
11 Prebiotic potential of polydextrose
12 Prebiotics in companion and livestock animal nutrition
13 Analysis of prebiotic oligosaccharides
14 Manufacture of prebiotics from biomass sources
15 Taxonomy of probiotic microorganisms
16 Ecological interactions of bacteria in the human gut
17 Genomics of probiotic bacteria
18 Manufacture of probiotic bacteria
19 Some technological challenges in the addition of probiotic bacteria to foods
20 Micro-encapsulation of probiotics
21 Probiotics and antibiotic-associated diarrhea and clostridium difficile infection
22 Probiotics for infectious diarrhea and traveler's diarrhea - What do we really know?
23 Immunological effects of probiotics and their significance to human health
24 Probiotics and chronic gastrointestinal disease
25 Probiotics and allergy
26 Potential protective effects of probiotics and prebiotics against colorectal cancer
27 Urogential applications of probiotic bacteria
28 Prebiotics and probiotics and oral health
29 Development of mucosal vaccines based on lactic acid bacteria
30 Application of pre- and probiotics in livestock
31 Safety assesment of probiotics


From the reviews:"The first volume starts with general contributions on the use of pre- and probiotics to manage the gastrointestinal tract ecosystem and the molecular tools that are available nowadays to monitor changes within the microbial ecology of the gut, whether those changes are inflicted by pre- and probiotics ... . Volume 2 opens with the ecological interaction of bacteria within the human colon. ... Overall, this is a very extensive survey of the current knowledge on science and technology of probiotics and prebiotics." (K. Venema, Beneficial Microbes, Vol. 1 (3), September, 2010)
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