Practical Manual for Musculoskeletal Trauma

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Mai 2001



This book provides the practical guidelines and current trends in managing musculoskeletal trauma for first-line surgeons, serving as a comprehensive and precise quick reference in daily clinical practice. The first volume contains the practical protocols for clinical management, while the second contains the detailed descriptions of common operations in musculoskeletal trauma. The presentations are in the form of flow charts and illustrations, which ensures easy and quick cross reference, particularly in emergency situations.All the authors are experienced surgeons in trauma care and actively involved in acute day to day clinical management of musculoskeletal injuries - even the illustrations have been drawn by surgeons.


Volume I: Principles and Management Protocols;
Part I. General principles;
1. Principles of acute trauma management;
2. Organisation of a trauma service;
3. Classifications of fractures and dislocations;
4. Basic biomechanics of fracture fixations;
5. Imaging supports;
6. Casting and bracing techniques;
7. Traction techniques;
8. Anaesthesia for trauma patients - A practical approach;
9. Use of tourniquet;
10. Open fractures;
11. Complications of fractures;
Part II. Management protocols;
12. Hand;
13. Distal radius;
14. Forearm;
15. Elbow;
16. Humeral shaft;
17. Shoulder;
18. Clavicle and scapula;
19. Cervical spine;
20. Thoraco-lumbar spine;
21. Pelvis;
22. Acetabulum;
23. Hip;
24. Femur;
25. Knee and patella;
26. Tibia and fibula;
27. Ankle;
28. Foot;
29. Fractures in children;
30. Management of burn injury;
Part III. Appendix;
31. Equipment and instruments for operations; Index.Volume II: Operative Techniques in Fracture Fixations; 1. Basic techniques in fracture fixations; 2. Intramedullary nailing for femoral fractures; 3. Intramedullary nailing for tibial fractures; 4. Other intramedullary nails; 5. External fixations; 6. Juxta-articular fractures - Upper limb; 7. Juxta-articular fractures - Lower limb; 8. Hip fractures; 9. Acetabular and pelvic fractures; 10. Soft tissue surgery in Orthopaedic Trauma; 11. Bone grafts; Appendix; I. Tendon repair; II. Nerve repair; III. Vascular repair; IV. Minimally invasive surgery in Orthopaedic Trauma; Index.
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