Practical Aspects of Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry, Volume I

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September 1995



Presents an account of the development and theory of the quadrupole ion trap and its utilization as an ion storage device, a reactor for ion/molecular reactions, and a mass spectrometer. This work also introduces the practical ion trapping device in which electrode spacing has been increased.


Preface Fundamental Aspects Introduction, J.F.J. Todd Theory of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry, R.E. March and F.A. Londry Non-Linear Ion Traps, J. Franzen, R.H. Gabling, M. Schubert, and Y. Wang Commercialization of the Quadrupole Ion Trap, J.E.P. Syka Ion Activation and Ion/Molecule Reactions Effects of Collisional Cooling on Ion Detection, J.S. Brodbelt Ion Trajectory Simulations, R.K. Julian, Jr., G. Cooks, R.E. March, and F.A. Londry Boundary Excitation, P. Traldi, S. Catinella, R.E. March, and C.S. Creaser Ion/Molecule Reactions, F. Vedel, M. Vedel, and J.S. Brodbelt Index
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