Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages

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Dezember 2002



The Fifth International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative L- guages (PADL 2003) was held in New Orleans on 13 14 January 2003. It was colocatedwiththe30thAnnualACMSymposiumonPrinciplesofProgramming Languages(POPL2003). We received 57 submissions, a record for PADL. One of the strengths of PADL is that it draws papers from both sides of the declarative divide, from boththefunctionalandlogicprogrammingcommunities.Ofthe57submissions, 25werefunctionaland32werelogical,withsomenotableoverlaps. The program committee was divided on the approach to take to the con- rence.Thosefromthelogicprogrammingcommunitypreferredtohaveparallel sessionsinordertoacceptmorepapers,thosefromthefunctionalprogramming communitypreferredtoavoidparallelsessionsthoughitmeantacceptingfewer papers. We decided to ?nd strength in diversity, and experiment with taking both paths. We accepted 8 papers on functional programming, each presented initsownslot,and15papersonlogicprogramming,10ofwhicharepresentedin parallelsessions.Wefeltthatpapersfrombothcommunitieswerecomparablein quality.Theratioof4hoursoffunctionaltalksto5hoursoflogictalksmatches theratioofsubmissions. WhilemostpaperssubmittedtoPADLaretraditionalresearchpapers,some weresubmittedasApplicationLettersorDeclarativePearls.Traditionalpapers maybejudgedonwhethertheypresentacrispnewresearchresult;Application Lettersmaybejudgedaccordingtotheinterestintheapplicationandthenovel useofdeclarativelanguages;andDeclarativePearlsmaybejudgedaccordingto theeleganceofthedevelopmentandtheclarityoftheexpression. This year PADL instituted a Most Practical paper award, for the paper that best exempli?ed the goals of PADL. The award went to Data mining the yeast genome in a lazy functional language , Amanda Clare and Ross D. King,UniversityofWales,Aberystwyth,whichdescribesareal-wordapplication runningonmultiprocessors,drawingontechniquesfromboththefunctionaland logicprogrammingcommunities. Special thanks are due: to Shriram Krishnamurthi, Dave Tucker, and Paul Graunke of Brown University, for running the website of the PADL submission andreviewprocess(seeKrishnamurthi sinvitedtalkinthisvolume);toMartina SharpofAvayaLabsandKimberlyVollofSimonFraserUniversity,forhelpwith preparingthisvolume;andtoGopalGuptaoftheUniversityofTexasatDallas, for serving as general chair. We thank Avaya Labs, Brown University, Simon FraserUniversity,Universit edeProvence,andtheUniversityofTexasatDallas fortheirsupport. Ourthankstotheprogramcommitteemembersandrefereesfortheirrev- wingandfortheiradvice.Finally,ourthankstoallthosewhosubmittedpapers toorparticipatedinPADL2003.


Invited Papers.- The Role of Declarative Languages in Mining Biological Databases.- The Continue Server (or, How I Administered PADL 2002 and 2003).- Zen and the Art of Symbolic Computing: Light and Fast Applicative Algorithms for Computational Linguistics.- Papers.- Data Mining the Yeast Genome in a Lazy Functional Language.- Non-monotonic Reasoning on Beowulf Platforms.- Datalog with Constraints: A Foundation for Trust Management Languages.- Web Programming with SMLserver.- An Integrated Information System Powered by Prolog.- JMatch: Iterable Abstract Pattern Matching for Java.- Sequence Quantification.- Roll: A Language for Specifying Die-Rolls.- Reconstructing the Evolutionary History of Indo-European Languages Using Answer Set Programming.- Multi-agent Reactive Systems.- ACTILOG: An Agent Activation Language.- Logic Programs for Querying Inconsistent Databases.- A CLP-Based Tool for Computer Aided Generation and Solving of Maths Exercises.- A Logical Framework for Modelling eMAS.- SXSLT: Manipulation Language for XML.- Type-Based XML Processing in Logic Programming.- WAM Local Analysis.- Garbage Collection Algorithms for Java-Based Prolog Engines.- Solving Combinatorial Problems with a Constraint Functional Logic Language.- Logic Programs as Compact Denotations.- A Strafunski Application Letter.- Functional Hybrid Modeling.- Lambda Goes to Hollywood.


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