Postmodern Debates

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The words 'postmodernism' and 'postmodernity' have become pervasive throughout the humanities, but their meanings frequently seem difficult to pin down. Anyone with an interest in contemporary culture is likely, sooner or later, to face a wide range of questions, such as: what is the postmodern? How does it relate to the world today? Have we entered a new age in which the problems facing modernity are no longer relevant, or does modernity mark a new way of thinking about those same issues? How does cultural postmodernism shape our experiences of contemporary society? These are just some of the questions that are explored in this book. Postmodern Debates introduces modernity, postmodernism and postmodernity through a series of debates between prominent thinkers in literary theory, philosophy and cultural studies. The book explores this topic through thinkers who are at odds and encourages readers to consider the wide implications of postmodern thought in several areas.


Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction What is the Postmodern? A Postmodern Fable; J-F.Lyotard Postmodernism and Consumer Society; F.Jameson Modernity: an Unfinished Project; J.Habermas Answering the Question: What is Postmodernism; J.Lyotard Representation and Reality The Gulf War: Is it Really Taking Place?; J.Baudrillard Deconstruction and Actuality; J.Derrida Marxism, Ideology and the Postmodern Ideology, Discourse and the Problems of 'Post-Marxism'; T.Eagleton We Anti-Representationalists; R.Rorty Postmodernism, Identity, Gender Postmodernism and Feminisms; L.Hutcheon Gender Trouble: From Parody to Politics; J.Butler Crises in Legitimation: Crossing the Great Voids; A.Jardine The Postcolonial and the Postmodern Postmodern Blackness; B.Hooks Locations of Culture: The Postcolonial and the Postmodern; H.Bhabha The Politics of Postmodernity Politics and the Limits of Modernity; E.Laclau Summaries and Notes Glossary of Terms Index


Edited By Simon Malpas


'An extremely useful and useable collection of readings which includes everything necessary for a survey of postmodern philosophical positions.' - Stefan Herbrechter, Trinity and All Saints University College, UK
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