Post-Cold War Security Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region

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September 1994



The Asia-Pacific region presents a challenge to international security in the post-Cold War era. Doubts as to the US' military commitment, concern with Japan's security aspirations, build-up of military capabilities and the nuclear ambitions of North Korea have further heightened tension.


Post-Cold War security in the Asia-Pacific region - trends and issues, Colin McInnes, Mark G. Rolls; changing US Force levels and regional security, William T. Tow; new directions in Japanese security policy, David Arase; security-co-operation in southeast Asia - an evolving process, Mark G. Rolls; Vietnam, Cambodia and southeast Asian security, Mike Yeong; Thailand's post Cold-War security policy and defence programme, Mark G. Rolls; dragon's fire and tiger's claws -arms trade and production in far east asia, Susan Willett; the ASEAN states' defence policies - influences and outcomes, Tim Huxley; China - arms transfer policies and practices, Gerald Segal; nuclearization or denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, Darryl Howlett.
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