Polymer and Cell Dynamics

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August 2003



Polymer and cell dynamics play an important role in processes like tumor growth, metastasis, embryogenesis, immune reactions and regeneration. Based on an international workshop on numerical simulations of polymer and cell dynamics in Bad Honnef (Germany) in 2000, this volume provides an overview of the relevant mathematical and numerical methods, their applications and limits. Polymer and Cell Dynamics will be of interest to scientists and advanced undergraduates.


to Part I.- Molecular Dynamics Studies of Micelle and Capsid Self-assembly.- A Functional Study on Saposin B and C Using Experimentally Validated Models.- A Review of the Morph Server and the Macromolecular Motions Database: A Standardized System for Analyzing and Visualizing Macromolecular Motions in a Database Framework.- to Part II.- Brownian Dynamics of Flexible Polymers in Flow.- A Microscopic Model for the Dynamics of Actin Filaments in Motility Assays and Its Numerical Simulation.- Multiparticle Modeling of Actin-Myosin Networks: From Molecular Interactions to Cell Motility.- Analysis of Cell Motility Combining Cytomechanical Model Simulations and an Optical Flow Method.- Micropipet Aspiration of the Human Neutrophil.- Physical-object-oriented 3D Simulations of Cell Deformations and Migration.- to Part III.- Computational Modeling of Blood Clotting: Coagulation and Three-dimensional Platelet Aggregation.- Space-and Time-resolved Simulations of Processes in Biofilm Systems on a Microscale.- On Selected Individual-based Approaches to the Dynamics in Multicellular Systems.- Individual-based Models of Cohort Migration in Cell Cultures.- Interactive Movement, Aggregation, and Swarm Dynamics.- A Discrete-cell Model of Tissue-equivalent Compaction.- A Hybrid Discrete-continuum Technique for Individual-based Migration Models.- Application of the Hybrid Discrete-continuum Technique.- List of contributors and workshop participants.
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