Polarons and Bipolarons in High-Tc Superconductors and Related Materials

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April 2005



This book presents the polaron and bipolaron theory of high-temperature superconductivity.


1. A polaron theory of high temperature superconductors; 2. On the possibility of non-BCS superconductivity; 3. Bipolaron Bose-liquid in high-Tc superconductors; 4. Spin polarons in high-Tc superconductors; 5. The polaron scenario for high-Tc superconductors; 6. Formation, phase separation and superconductivity of large bipolarons; 7. Polarons and bipolarons in WO3-x YBa2Cu3O7; 8. Polaron bands in the far- and mid-infrared spectra of e-doped cuprates; 9. Electron-phonon interaction of non-equilibrium carriers in the photoinduced state of YBa2Cu3O7-d; 10. Experimental evidence of local lattice distortion in superconducting oxides; 11. Hall effect due to small polarons and conduction in narrow energy bands; 12. Static and dynamic conductivity of untwinned YBa2Cu4O8: gaps or condensation?; 13. The near infrared and optical absorption of high-Tc superconductors using powders; 13a. Polaronic theory of mid-infrared conductivity: a numerical cluster study; 14. Electromagnetic properties of local pair superconductors; 15. Electron-hole asymmetric polarons; 16. On the nature of the superconducting state in high-Tc cuprates; 17. High-Tc superconductivity with polarons and bipolarons: an approach from the insulating states; 18. Coexistence of small polaron and Anderson localisation in high-Tc superconducting materials; 19. Concentration and temperature dependence of magnetic polaron spectra in the t-J model; 20. Mass enhancement without band-narrowing in t-t'-J related models: predictions for Fermi-surface and optical conductivity; 21. Polarons in Peierls-Hubbard models; 22. Exact estimates of inter-polaron coupling constants resulting in bipolaron formation; 23. Coulomb interaction and the criteria for bipolaron formation; 24. Large bipolarons and high-Tc materials; 25. Collective excitations in the ground state of a two-dimensional attractive Fermi gas; 26. Strong two-band electron trapping, state hybridization effects and related pressure induced phenomena in semiconductors; 26a. Bismuth disproportionation in super and semiconducting barium bismuthates; 27. Magnetic polarons in concentrated and diluted magnetic semiconductors; 28. Energy scales of exotic superconductors.
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