Pointing: Where Language, Culture, and Cognition Meet

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Mai 2003



This bk attempts to meld the study of language with the study of cognition by examining instances of pointing.It brings together diverse approaches to the topic of pointing including linguistic persp. developmental persp. interactive pers.&cognitive pers


Contents: S. Kita, Pointing: A Foundational Building Block of Human Communication. G. Butterworth, Pointing Is the Royal Road to Language for Babies. D. Povinelli, J.M. Bering, S. Giambrone, Chimpanzees' "Pointing": Another Error of the Argument by Analogy? N. Masataka, From Index-Finger Extension to Index-Finger Pointing: Ontogenesis of Pointing in Preverbal Infants. S. Goldin-Meadow, C. Butcher, Pointing Toward Two-Word Speech in Young Children. A. Kendon, L. Versante, Pointing by Hand in "Neapolitan." J.B. Haviland, How to Point in Zinacantan. D. Wilkins, Why Pointing With the Index Finger Is Not a Universal (in Sociocultural and Semiotic Terms). C. Goodwin, Pointing as Situated Practice. H.H. Clark, Pointing and Placing. E. Engberg-Pedersen, From Pointing to Reference and Predication: Pointing Signs, Eyegaze, and Head and Body Orientation in Danish Sign Language. D. McNeill, Pointing and Morality in Chicago. S. Kita, Interplay of Gaze, Hand, Torso Orientation, and Language in Pointing.
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