Plant Ecology in the Subarctic Swedish Lapland

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After 23 formative and producive years as Director of the Abisko Scientific Research Station, Mats Sonesson will retire from his duties. To honour Mats, to celebrate his career, and to thank him for all that he has done to enhance our research, we have asked those scientists who have worked at Abisko within the subject areas closest to Mats' interests, to contribute to this Festschrift which overviews the ecology and environment of the Tornetrask region. Twenty-three chapters written by 41 scientists from 10 countries have been contributed.


Preface P. S. Karlsson and T. V. Callaghan Introduction The Abisko Scientific Research Station N. A. Andersson, T. V. Callaghan and P. S. Karlsson Subarctic plant communities and their environment Holocene forest dynamics and climate changes in the Abisko area, northern Sweden - the Sonesson model of vegetation history reconsidered and confirmed B. E. Berglund, L. Barnekow, D. Hammarlund, P. Sandgren and I. F. Snowball Modelling and measuring evapotranspiration in a mountain birch forest M. Ovhed and B. Holmgren The resource economy of subarctic plants and ecosystems Nutrient cycling in subarctic and arctic ecosystems, with special reference to the Abisko and Tornetrask region S. Jonasson and A. Michelsen Resource dynamics within arctic clonal plants I. S. Jonsdottir, T. V. Callaghan and A. D. Headley Treeline ecology of mountain birch in the Tornetrask area B. Sveinbjornsson, H. Kauhanen and O. Nordell Relationships between nitrogen economy and performance in the mountain birch Betula pubescens ssp. Tortuosa P. S. Karlsson and M. Weih Peat formation and mass balance in subarctic ombrotrophic peatlands around Abisko, northern Scandinavia N. Malmer and B. Wallen A cross-continental comparison of phenology, leaf dynamics and dry matter allocation in arctic and temperate zone herbaceous plants from contrasting altitudes S. Prock and C. Korner Hazards to a mountain birch forest - Abisko in perspective O. Tenow The significance of carnivory for three Pinguicula species in a subarctic environment P. S. Karlsson, B. M. Svensson and B. A. Carlsson Photosynthetic characteristics of subarctic mosses and lichens B. Schipperges and C. Gehrke Population processes in subarctic plants Resource investment in reproduction and its consequences for subarctic plants L. M. Thoren, A. M. Hemborg and P. S. Karlsson Some apparently paradoxical aspects of the life cycles, demography and population dynamics of plants from the subarctic Abisko area T. V. Callaghan, B. A. Carlsson and B. M. Svensson A comparison of photosynthetic performance and leaf carbon gain of temperate and subarctic genotypes of Geum rivale and Ranunculus acris in northern Sweden M. Diemer Interactions between hemiparasitic angiosperms and their hosts in the subarctic M. C. Press and W. E. Seel Global change Summer air temperatures and tree line dynamics at Abisko B. Holmgren and M. Tjus Photo documentation of landscape change in northern Swedish mountains A. Rapp Direct and indirect effects of increasing temperatures on subarctic ecosystems S. Jonasson, J. A. Lee, T. V. Callaghan, M. Havstrom and A. N. Parsons Effects of enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation on terrestrial subarctic ecosystems and implications for interactions with increased atmospheric CO2 C. Gehrke, U. Johansson, D. Gwynn-Jones, L. O. Bjorn, T. V. Callaghan and J. A Lee Monitoring and modelling of the radiation climate at Abisko L. O. Bjorn and B. Holmgren Climatic impacts on flowering, growth, and vigour in an arctic-alpine cushion plant, Diapensia lapponica, under different snow cover regimes U. Molau Conclusion Plant ecology in subarctic Swedish Lapland: summary and conclusions T. V. Callaghan and P. S. Karlsson
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