Physical Inorganic Chemistry

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The two books within the set consist chapters that focus on methods, tools, and techniques of physical inorganic chemistry and describe some fundamental reaction types and treatments of reaction mechanisms. They also deal with some complex reactions and processes related to such critical topics as energy, catalysis, materials, atmosphere, environment, and health.


Physical Inorganic Chemistry: Reactions, Processes, and Applications Preface ix Contributors xi 1 Electron Transfer Reactions 1 Ophir Snir and Ira A. Weinstock 2 Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Hydrogen and Hydride Transfer Reactions 39 Shunichi Fukuzumi 3 Oxygen Atom Transfer 75 Mahdi M. Abu-Omar 4 Mechanisms of Oxygen Binding and Activation at Transition Metal Centers 109 Elena V. Rybak-Akimova 5 Activation of Molecular Hydrogen 189 Gregory J. Kubas and Dennis Michael Heinekey 6 Activation of Carbon Dioxide 247 Ferenc Joo 7 Chemistry of Bound Nitrogen Monoxide and Related Redox Species 281 Jose A. Olabe 8 Ligand Substitution Dynamics in Metal Complexes 339 Thomas W. Swaddle 9 Reactivity of Inorganic Radicals in Aqueous Solution 395 David M. Stanbury 10 Organometallic Radicals: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Reaction Mechanisms 429 Tamas Kegl, George C. Fortman, Manuel Temprado, and Carl D. Hoff 11 Metal-Mediated Carbon--Hydrogen Bond Activation 495 Thomas Brent Gunnoe 12 Solar Photochemistry with Transition Metal Compounds Anchored to Semiconductor Surfaces 551 Gerald J. Meyer Index 589 Physical Inorganic Chemistry: Principles, Methods, and Models Preface ix Contributors xi 1 Inorganic and Bioinorganic Spectroscopy 1 Edward I. Solomon and Caleb B. Bell III 2 57Fe Mossbauer Spectroscopy in Chemistry and Biology 39 Marlene Martinho and Eckard Munck 3 Magnetochemical Methods and Models in Inorganic Chemistry 69 Paul Kogerler 4 Cryoradiolysis as a Method for Mechanistic Studies in Inorganic Biochemistry 109 Ilia G. Denisov 5 Absolute Chiral Structures of Inorganic Compounds 143 James P. Riehl and Sumio Kaizaki 6 Flash Photolysis and Chemistry of Transients and Excited States 199 Guillermo Ferraudi 7 Application of High Pressure in the Elucidation of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Reaction Mechanisms 269 Colin D. Hubbard and Rudi van Eldik 8 Chemical Kinetics as a Mechanistic Tool 367 Andreja Bakac 9 Heavy AtomIsotope Effects as Probes of Small Molecule Activation 425 Justine P. Roth 10 Computational Studies of Reactivity inTransition Metal Chemistry 459 Jeremy N. Harvey Index 501


Andreja Bakac received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Zagreb in 1976 and has been an Adjunct Professor in the Chemistry Department at Iowa State University since 2005. Among her many research interests are kinetics and mechanisms of inorganic and organometallic reactions, catalytic oxidation with molecular oxygen, and activation of dioxygen by transition metal complexes.
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