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This book summarizes the advances made in the last decade in the biophysics, biochemistry, and molecular biology of the light-driven plastocyanin:ferredoxin oxidoreductase known as Photosystem I. This reaction center participates along with Photosystem II in harvesting solar energy to supply photosynthetic organisms with stored chemical energy in the form of ATP and stored reducing power in the form of NADPH for processes such as metabolism, growth, and reproduction. This volume is a unique compilation of 40 chapters by leading researchers; it contains information on molecular architecture, protein-pigment interactions, excitation and electron transfer dynamics, protein-cofactor interactions, kinetics of electron transfer and bioassembly of proteins and cofactors. It begins with a series of historical perspectives that provide a solid background to the field, and ends with information on modeling of light-harvesting and electron transfer reactions, and the evolution of the reaction center. Particular attention is paid to spectroscopy, including the theory of the measurement and the interpretation of the data. The book is intended to be a comprehensive and up-to-date source of background information on Photosystem I for seasoned researchers, those who are just entering the field, Ph.D. students, researchers and advanced undergraduates in the fields of biophysics, biochemistry, microbiology, agriculture, and ecology. Industrial scientists, interested in solar energy conversion, will also find the book useful.


Editorial Preface Colour Plates Historical Perspectives:
1. A Personal Historical Introduction to Photosystem I: Ferredoxin+FNR, the Key to NADP Reduction; A.S Pietro. 2. The Discovery of Bound Iron-Sulfur Clusters in Photosystem I by EPR Spectroscopy; R. Malkin. 3. The Discovery of P430 and Works on PS I Electron Acceptors FeS-X and A0 at the Charles F. Kettering Research Laboratory; B. Ke. 4. The Discovery of the A1 and A2 (FX) Acceptors by Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy; P.M. and K. Sauer.- Molecular Architecture:
5. Structural Studies on a Supercomplex of Photosystem I and Light-Harvesting Complex II; E. Boekema, et al. 6. Structural Analysis of Cyanobacterial Photosystem I; P. Fromme and I Grotjohann. 7. Structure, Function, and Regulation of Plant Photosystem I; N. Nelson and A. Ben-Shem. 8. Molecular Interactions of the Stromal Subunit PsaC with the PsaA/PsaB Heterodimer; M. Antonkine and J.H. Golbeck.- Pigment-Protein Interactions:
9. Accessory Chlorophyll Proteins in Cyanobacterial Photosystem I; J. Barber. 10. LHCI: the Antenna Complex of Photosystem I in Plants and Green Algae; R.Croce, et al. 11. The Low Molecular Mass Subunits of Higher Plant Photosystem I; A. Haldrup, et al.- Excitation Dynamics and Electron Transfer Processes:
12 Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy of Photosystem I; .i Savikhin. 13 The Long Wavelength Chlorophylls of Photosystem I; N. Karapetyan, et al.- Modification of the Cofactors and their Environments:
14. Mutagenesis of the Ligands to the Cofactors in Photosystem I; A. Webber and V. M. Ramesh. 15. Genetic Manipulation of Quinone Biosynthesis in Cyanobacteria; Y. Sakuragi and D. Bryant.- Spectroscopic Studies of the Cofactors:
16. Optical Measurements Secondary Electron Transfer in Photosystem I; F. Rappaport, et al. 17. EPR Studies of the Primary Electron Donor P700 in Photosystem I; W. Lubitz. 18. FTIR Studies of the Primary Electron Donor, P700; J Breton. 19. Primary Charge Separation between P700* and the Primary Electron Acceptor Complex A-A0: A Comparison with Bacterial Reaction Centers; V.A. Shuvalov, et al.-20. FTIR Studies of the Intermediate Electron Acceptor A1;; G. Hastings. 21 Electrogenic Reactions Associated with Electron Transfer in Photosystem I; A. Yu, et al. 22. High-Field EPR Studies of the Electron Transfer Intermediates in Photosystem I; M. Thurnauer, et al. 23 Transient EPR Spectroscopy Applied to Electron Transfer in Photosystem I; D. Stehlik.- Kinetics of Electron Transfer:
24. Electron Transfer Involving Phylloquinone in Photosystem I; A. van der Est. 25. The Directionality of Electron Transfer in Photosystem I; K. Redding and A. van der Est. 26. Electron Transfer from the Bound Iron-Sulfur Clusters to Ferredoxin/Flavodoxin; P. Sétif. 27 Electron Transfer From Ferredoxin and Flavodoxin to Ferredoxin:NADP+ Reductase; J. K. Hurley, et al. 28. The Interaction of Ferredoxin with Ferredoxin-Dependent Enzymes; T. Hase, et al. 29. Electron Transfer between Photosystem I and Plastocyanin or Cytochrome c6; M.Hippler and F. Drepper.- Biosynthetic Processes:
30. Genetic Dissection of Photosystem I Assembly and Turnover; J.-D. Rochaix. 31. The Assembly of the Bound Iron-Sulfur Clusters in Photosystem I; G. Shen and J.H. Golbeck. 32. The Assembly of Photosystem I Reducing Site; A. Fish,et al.- Modeling of Photosystem I Reactions:
33. The Thermodynamics of Photosystem I; D. Mauzerall. 34. Application of Marcus Theory to Photosystem I Electron Transfer; C.C. Moser and P.L. Dutton. 35. Modeling of Optical Spectra and Light Harvesting in Photosystem I; E. Schlodder and T. Renger. 36. Functional Modeling of Electron Transfer in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers; V. Shinkarev.- Related Processes:
37. Cyclic Electron Transfer Around Photosystem I; P.


From the reviews: "The book is edited by one of the leading experts in the field ... and provides an up-to-date collection of 40 reviews written by 80 established researchers from 13 countries. ... This ensures that the volume is not only a rich source of information for advanced researchers ... but also a valuable introduction for graduate students. ... In conclusion, everybody who works with PSI or plans to do so in the near future should have the book on his or her desk." (Frank Müh, Jan Kern and Athina Zouni, Angewandte Chemie, Vol. 46 (30), 2007) "The volume is divided into 11 sections spanning a total of 40 chapters authored by about 80 researchers. ... This book is a valuable addition to the literature on photosynthesis in general ... . it is a useful volume not only for researchers and Ph D students, but for teachers of biology, bio-chemistry and biophysics. I strongly recommend this book to all universities and research institutions that work on plant biology. Govindjee and Golbeck deserve to be complimented for bringing out such a valuable volume." (Prafullachandra Vishnu Sane, Current Science, Issue 2007 c) "The huge amounts of pages show that all aspects of the photosystems are analysed in detail. ... this one deserves to be on bookshelves of every laboratory interested in photosynthesis research. Those who will buy the electronic version will find references to the source articles." (Z. Sesták, Photosynthetica, Vol. 45 (4), December, 2007)
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