Photosynthesis Bibliography

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The bibi iograp hy includes papers in a l I fields of photosynthesis research - from stu­ dies of model biochemical and biophysical systems of t he photosynt hes is mechanism to primary prod ucti on studied by t he so-ca Ile d growth analysis . In addition to papers devoted enti rel y to photosynth es is , papers on other topics are inc luded if t hey con­ t ai n data on photosynthetic activity, photorespiration, chloroplast structure, chlo­ rophylland carotenoid synthesi s and destruction , eta. , or if they conta in valuable methodological information (measurement of selected environmentaI factars , leaf area, eta. ) . In many branches it has been difficult to defi ne th e limits of int erest for photosynthesis researchers. This problem has arisen e. g. in topics deal ing with t he transfer of gases, where - in addition to t he papers on ca rbon dioxide transfe r - so­ me pape rs on water vapour transfer are included , these being of general appl icat ion or bringing new approaches . On th e other hand, m any papers deal ing wit h the anatomy and phys io logy of stomata have been omitted , if the aspect of ca rbon dioxide or water vapour exchange has not been discussed.


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