Phenomenology and the Human Sciences

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A comprehensive, up-to-date review of the physics and applications of a major class of laser, the most important example of which is the copper vapour laser. A collection of 50 papers written by the world's leaders in the field. Papers cover: the early history of pulsed metal vapour lasters; the plasma kinetics and excitation mechanisms of self terminating and recombination metal vapour lasers; beam quality issues for applications; frequency harmonic generation for mid-UV applications; high-precision processing of metals, ceramics, glasses and plastics using metal vapour lasers; applications in medicine, including oncology and dermatology; applications in science such as spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. A practical source of information on the physics, engineering and applications of metal vapour lasers. Audience: scientists, teachers and graduate researchers working in the fields of gas lasers, laser optics, gas discharges, optoelectronics and laser applications in industry, science and medicine.


The Concept of Crisis and the Unity of Husserl's position.- Towards a Computational Phenomenology (1).- Habitual Body and Memory in Merleau-Ponty.- Merleau-Ponty: The Triumph of Dialectics over Structuralism.- The Hermeneutics of Suspicion.- Boeckh and Dilthey: The Development of Methodical Hermeneutics.- The Limits of Logocentrism (On the Way to Grammatology).- Legislation-Transgression: Strategies and Counter-Strategies in the Transcendental Justification of Norms.- Nietzschean Aphorism as Art and Act.- Why Politik? Philosophia?.- Hope and Its Ramifications for Politics.
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