Perspectives on Ernst Von Dohnanyi

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November 2004



This book is an edited collection of essays on Ernst von Dohn nyi written by top scholars, students, and Dohn nyi's loved ones. Special "Historical Documents" sections demonstrate Dohn nyi's importance in the eyes of such notables as B la Bart k, making this volume of great interest not only to those interested in Dohn nyi's life and works, but also to students of 19th-century musical life.


Part 1 Examples Part 2 Figures Part 3 Tables Part 4 Preface Part 5 Perspectives on Dohnanyi's Life Chapter 6 Ernst von Dohnanyi: A Tribute Chapter 7 Ernst von Dohnanyi: A Portrait Chapter 9 Dohnanyi and Great Britain Chapter 10 Historical Documents: Bela Bartok on Dohnanyi Part 11 Perspectives on Dohnanyi as a Composer Chapter 12 Transcending the Piano: Orchestral and Improvisational Elements in Dohnanyi's Piano Music Chapter 13 Self-Identification in the Romantic Tradition: Dohnanyi's Winterreigen, Op. 13 Chapter 14 Dohnanyi's Six Concert Etudes, Op. 28: Context and Content Chapter 15 Compositional Process in Dohnanyi's Symphony in E Major, Op. 40 Chapter 16 Dohnanyi's American Rhapsody, Op. 47: An Emigre's Tribute to the New World Chapter 17 Historical Documents: Dohnanyi on Music Part 18 Perspectives on Dohnanyi as a Person Chapter 19 Message to Posterity Chapter 20 Dohnanyi at Tallahassee: A Personal Reminiscence Chapter 21 Memories of Dohnanyi Chapter 22 Dohnanyi as a Teacher Chapter 23 Historical Documents: Dohanyi on Teaching Part 24 Index Part 25 About the Contributors


James A. Grymes is Assistant Professor of Musicology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and President of the International Dohnanyi Research Center.


In 1920 Bela Bartok wrote: 'Musical life in Budapest today may be summed up in one name-Dohnyanyi.' This giant of 20th-century Hungarian music, as composer, pianist, conductor and teacher, is largely forgotten today. Only one or two of his compositions are occasionally played, while there are few recordings of his phenomenal instrumental artistry. However, this valuable book should inspire many readers to listen to some of his major works, and to seek out the two CDs of Dohnyanyi the pianist issued in 2004...James Grymes comments: 'Ilona [the composer's third wife] projected on to the text the image of Dohnyanyi as she wanted him to be remembered and then put his name to it.' Nevertheless, her portrait of a man of honesty, generosity, courage (when confronted by Nazism), moral strength and integrity is corroborated many times over throughout this indispensable book. Classical Music
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