Perspectives on Business Modelling

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How can established models and methods be employed for the understanding and change of organisations? One of the key issues presented in this book is bridging the communication gap between business leaders and IT experts in companies and public services. This is facilitated by combining different models for the development of corporate strategies, business processes and information support. The leading idea behind this book is to present different perspectives on business modelling, based on established theories and practical experiences. The book offers advanced knowledge and relevant information on the key issues in business modelling for today`sorganisations.


A. G. Nilsson, C. Tolis, C. Nellborn: Perspectives on Business Modelling: Understanding and Changing Organisations.- Development on Different Levels: C. Tolis, C. Nellborn: Process Ownership in a Rapid Growth Situation: The Ericsson Radio Case.- C. Nellborn, C. Tolis: A Monopoly Facing Competition: Sweden Post`s Exploration of Processes and Descriptions.- J. Andersson: Process Management in Public Adminstration: The Social Insurance Office Case.- B. Sundgren: Business Modelling at Statistics Sweden: A Historical Perspective.- J. Andersson: Business Process Development and Information Technology in Small and Medium-sized Companies.- Exploration of Different Points of View: C. Tolis: Facilitating Understanding and Change: The Role of Business Models in Development Work.- C.-G. Lindström: Lessons Learned from Applying Business Modelling: Exploring Opportunities and Avoiding Pitfalls.- G. Steneskog: Business Process Models Revised: Challenging the Physical Metaphor.- B. Rapp: Principal-Agent and Transaction Cost Theories in Business Modelling.- C. Nellborn: Business and Systems Development: Opportunities for an Integrated Way-of-Working.- Description of Different Aspects: A. G. Nilsson: The Business Developer`s Toolbox: Chains and Alliances between Established Methods.- J. A. Bubenko jr., M. Kirikova: Improving the Quality of Requirements Specifications by Enterprise Modelling.- B. E. Nilsson: On Why to Model What and How: Concepts and Architecture for Change.- H. Willars: Business Modeller`s Checklist: 'Dos' and 'Don`ts' in Hands-on Practice.
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