Perspectives of Systems Informatics

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Thevolumecomprises?nalversionsofthepaperspresentedatthe5thInternat- nal Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference "Perspectives of System Informatics," Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk, Russia), July 9-12, 2003. The main goal of the conference was to give an overview of research directions that are decisive for growth in the major areas of research activities in system informatics. The conference was held to honor the 70th anniversary of Ershov's closest colleague, the late Prof. Igor Pottosin (1933-2001), and his outstanding cont- bution towards advancing informatics. The ?rst four Andrei Ershov conferences were held in May 1991, June 1996, July 1999, and July 2001, and they proved to be signi?cant international events. Andrei Ershov was one of the early Russian pioneers in the ?eld of theo- tical and systems programming, a founder of the Siberian School of Computer Science. His closest colleague, Igor Pottosin, worked for the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences from 1958, step by step ?lling positions from junior researcher to director of the A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics - stems. In later years he headed the Laboratory of Systems Programming in this institute and the Department of Programming at Novosibirsk State University.


Programming Issues.- The Verifying Compiler: A Grand Challenge for Computing Research.- Linear Types for Cashflow Reengineering.- Storing Properties in Grouped Tagged Tuples.- A Polymorphic Radix-n Framework for Fast Fourier Transforms.- Intersecting Classes and Prototypes.- Software Engineering.- Bending without Breaking: Making Software More Flexible.- Program Construction in the Context of Evolutionary Computation.- A Layered Architecture Sustaining Model-Driven and Event-Driven Software Development.- Software Education.- The Outside-In Method of Teaching Introductory Programming.- Program Synthesis, Transformation, and Semantics.- Numeric Types in Formal Synthesis.- On the Possibility of Provably Secure Obfuscating Programs.- Verification-Oriented Language C-Light and Its Structural Operational Semantics.- Proofs-as-Imperative-Programs: Application to Synthesis of Contracts.- Graphical Interfaces.- On the Visualization and Aesthetics of Large Graphs.- Data Mappings in the Model-View-Controller Pattern.- Partial Evaluation and Supercompilation.- The Translation Power of the Futamura Projections.- A Compiler Generator for Constraint Logic Programs.- The Supercompiler SCP4: General Structure.- Partial Evaluation for Common Intermediate Language.- Verification.- Timed Verification with ?CRL.- Verification of Distributed Dataspace Architectures.- Using SPIN and STeP to Verify Business Processes Specifications.- Integrating Tools for Automatic Program Verification.- Logic and Types.- A Logical Reconstruction of Reachability.- Recent Advances in ?-Definability over Continuous Data Types.- Concurrent and Distributed Systems.- Open Maps and Trace Semantics for Timed Partial Order Models.- Confidentiality for Multithreaded Programs via Bisimulation.- Dynamic Modification of System Structures Using LLPNs.- Concurrent and Reactive Systems.- Principles for Entity Authentication.- Causality and Replication in Concurrent Processes.- Event-Driven Traversal of Logic Circuits for Re-evaluation of Boolean Functions in Reactive Systems.- Teams of Pushdown Automata.- Program Specification.- Algebraic State Machines: Concepts and Applications to Security.- Combining Aspects of Reactive Systems.- OCL Extended with Temporal Logic.- The Definition of Transitive Closure with OCL - Limitations and Applications -.- Verification and Model Checking.- Improving the Consistency Checking Process by Reusing Formal Verification Knowledge.- Complexity of Model Checking by Iterative Improvement: The Pseudo-Boolean Framework.- Polynomial Approximations for Model Checking.- Constraint Programming.- Separating Search and Strategy in Solver Cooperations.- Industrial Application of External Black-Box Functions in Constraint Programming Solver.- LGS: Geometric Constraint Solver.- On Strategies of the Narrowing Operator Selection in the Constraint Propagation Method.- Documentation and Testing.- PROG - A New Program Documentation System.- Integration of Functional and Timed Testing of Real-Time and Concurrent Systems.- Test Case Generation for UML Statecharts.- Databases.- Conceptual Content Modeling and Management.- A Relational Algebra for Functional Logic Deductive Databases.- Implication of Functional Dependencies for Recursive Queries.- TeXOR: Temporal XML Database on an Object-Relational Database System.- Functional Dependencies, from Relational to XML.- Data-Object Replication, Distribution, and Mobility in Network Environments.- Natural Language Processing.- Multi-classification of Patent Applications with Winnow.- Automatic Evaluation of Quality of an Explanatory Dictionary by Comparison of Word Senses.- An Approach to Automatic Construction of a Hierarchical Subject Domain for Question Answering Systems.


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