Personality and Psychopathology: Feminist Reappraisals

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April 1994



Under the scrutiny of feminist theory, traditional theories of personality and psychopathology are shown to be inadequate primarily because the theories reflect the biased cultural norms in which they were developed. Some limitations include their constricted views of human nature, their narrowly constructed definitions of mental health and mental disorder, and their lack of accounting for the many forces that affect human development and functioning. Synthesizing over 20 years of feminist thinking, this volume presents original critiques of mainstream psychological theories and lays the groundwork for the development of a context-based, feminist psychological theory. The first and only volume to present a specifically feminist perspective on the theoretical and conceptual foundations of treatment, Personality and Psychopathology is an essential text for upper-level courses in personality, psychopathology, and the psychology of women. Providing invaluable insights, it is necessary reading for mainstream and feminist therapists of all disciplines.


Laura Brown, University of Washington, and Mary Ballou, Northeastern University
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