Performing Beethoven

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September 2005



The ten essays in this volume explore different aspects of the performance of instrumental works by Beethoven. Each essay discusses performance issues from Beethoven's time to the present, whether the objective be to realise a performance in an historically appropriate manner, to elucidate the interpretation of Beethoven's music by conductors and performers, to clarify transcriptions by editors or to reconstruct the experience of the listener in various different periods. Four contributions focus on the piano music while another group concentrates on Beethoven's music for strings. These chapters are complemented by an examination of Beethoven's exploitation of the developing wind choir, an evaluation of early twentieth-century recordings as pointers to early nineteenth-century performance practice and an historical survey of rescorings in Beethoven's symphonies.


1. Beethoven's basso continuo: notation and performance Tibor Szasz; 2. Beethoven's revisions to his Fourth Piano Concerto Barry Cooper; 3. Beethoven's pianoforte pedalling David Rowland; 4. Beethoven and the development of wind instruments Colin Lawson; 5 Beethoven's sonatas for piano and cello David Watkin; 6. Ferdinand David's editions of Beethoven Clive Brown; 7. The Violin Concerto (Op. 61): text and editions Robin Stowell; 8. Traditional habits of performance in early-twentieth-century recordings of Beethoven Robert Philip; 9. A comparative survey of re-scorings in Beethoven's symphonies David Pickett; 10. Beethoven's piano music: contemporary performance issues Martin Hughes.


'This beautifully produced book is a collection of ten scholarly yet remarkably disparate articles, which will interest performers (whether on pianoforte or fortepiano, strings or wind) and listeners of Beethoven's music alike.' BBC Music Magazine
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