Patient Safety: Principles and Practice

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This book provides readers with both a foundation of theoretical knowledge regarding patient safety as well as evidence-based strategies for preventing errors in various clinical settings. The authors' goal is to help clinicians and administrators gain the skills and knowledge they need to develop safe patient practices in their organizations. Key topics include: An overview of evidence-based best practices for patient safety Clear explanation of important patient safety policies and legislation Innovative uses of technology such as computerized provider order entry, barcoding medications, and computerized clinical decision support systems The importance of an informed patient in preventing medical errors How to communicate with the public and the patient about errors if they occur Special patient safety concerns for children, the elderly, and the mentally ill


Part I: Overview of Concepts and Principles / Patient Safety Issues / National Patient Safety Initiatives; Part II: Putting Patient Safety Into Practice / Improving Patient Safety Using Quality Management Tools / Evidence-Based Practice to Promote Patient Safety / Putting Patients in Charge of Their Health Care to Promote Patient Safety / Impact of Nurse Staffing on Patient Safety / Improving the Nursing Work Culture / Using Technology to Improve Patient Safety / The Role of Risk Management: The Needs, Benefits and Reasons to Disclose Errors; Part III: Patient Safety in Specific Settings and Populations / Pediatric Patient Safety / Patient Safety in Acute and Critical Care / Patient Safety in Ambulatory Care / Safety Issues with the Elderly and Chronically III / Patient Safety in Behavioral Health / Promoting Patient Safety of Research Participants; Glossary of Terms / List of Acronyms
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