Party Organization and Activism in the American South Party Organization and Activism in the American South Party Organization and Activism in the Ame

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Februar 1998



Using data gathered from local party officials in the 11 southern states, contributors to this work argue that grassroots political groups have revitalized the political process in America. Recruitment, ideology, factionalism and the effect on the political system are among the issues addressed.


Robert P. Steed is a professor of political science at the Citadel and co-editor of the "Presidential Election in the South" series that began in 1984 through the Citadel Project on the South.John A. Clark is chair of and a professor in the Department of political science at Western Michigan University. He is co-editor of "Southern Political Party Activists, " and has authored or coauthored more than twenty book chapters and articles in scholarly journals including the "American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science, "and" Political Research Quarterly."Charles D. Hadley is University Research Professor Emeritus and former chair, Department of Political Science at the University of New Orleans. He is co-author of "Political Parties and Political Issues: Patterns of Differentiation Since the New Deal "and "Transformations of the American Party System: Political Coalitions from the New Deal to the 1970s."
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