Particle Physics and Cosmology: The Interface

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This Carg` ese school of Particle physics is meant to bridge the narr- ing gap between astrophysical observations and particle physics. The lectures supply the students with a theoretical background which covers severalaspectsofthecosmologicalscenario: matter-antimatterasym- try, the nature of dark matter, the acceleration of the expansion and the cosmological constant and the geometry of the universe as well as m- ernviewsonparticlephysicsincludingsupersymmetry, extradimensions scenarii and neutrino oscillations. ix Preface TheinvestigationofnuclearabundancesbyAlpher,Bethe,andGamow (1948) was the ?rst intrusion of subatomic physics into cosmology. In contrast with their assumption, most nuclear species are now known to be produced in stars, but their bold step led to predictions which have largely been proven to be right: -a crude estimate of the densities during primordial nucleosynthesis -the presence of a residual 3K radiation today. the issues they addressed are still relevant. The origin of matter is not fully understood,and the CMB has grown into a powerful tool to inv- tigate the early eras of the universe. The progress of cosmological observations has now led to a 'standard' slow-roll in?ation model, which accounts quantitatively for many - served features of the universe. As the lectures will show, it still leaves large unchartered areas, and the underlying particle physics aspects are yettobeelucidated.


Contributing Authors. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. ElectroWeak Symmetry Breaking as of 2003; R. Barbieri. Current Status of the CKM Matrix and the CP Violation; A. Stocchi. Neutrino Masses; S. Pokorski. Neutrinos; J. Bouchez. Baryo- and Leptogenesis (outline); W. Buchmueller. Scalar fields in particle physics in cosmology; P. Binetruy. Inflation, Quantum Fluctuations and Cosmological Perturbations; D. Langlois. Cosmic Microwave Background Cosmology; G.F. Smoot. Cosmology with Supernovae la; G. Smadja. Dark Matter and Galaxy Formation; J. Silk. Supersymmetric Extension of the Standard Model; D. Kazakov. Gaugino Condensation and SUSY Breakdown; H.P. Nilles. Is Dark Matter Supersymmetric?; W. de Boer. Cargese Lectures on Extra Dimensions; R. Rattazzi
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Untertitel: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Particle Physics and Cosmology: The Interface Cargèse, France, 4-16 August 2003. 'NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry'. 2005. Auflage. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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