Palgrave Advances in Virginia Woolf Studies

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Dezember 2006



This book is an invaluable guide to the body of criticism on Virginia Woolf. It includes comprehensive and insightful chapters on different approaches to Woolf, including feminist, historicist, postcolonial and biographical. The essays provide concise summaries of the key works in the field as well as an engaging description of the approach itself.


Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Chronology Abbreviations Introduction;
A.Snaith Narratological Approaches;
M.Cuddy-Keane Modernist Studies;
J.Goldman Psychoanalytical Approaches;
M.Minow-Pinkney Biographical Approaches;
M.Hussey Feminist Approaches;
B.R.Daugherty Bibliographic Approaches;
E.Bishop Postmodernist and Poststructuralist Approaches;
P.L.Caughie Historical Approaches;
L.Peach Lesbian Approaches;
D.L.Swanson Postcolonial Approaches;
J.McVicker European Reception Studies;
N.Luckhurst &
A.Staveley Works Cited Index


EDWARD BISHOP University of Alberta, Canada
PAMELA L. CAUGHIE Loyola University, Chicago, USA
MELBA CUDDY-KEANE University of Toronto, Canada
BETH RIGEL DAUGHERTY Otterbein College, Ohio, USA
JANE GOLDMAN University of Dundee, UK
MARK HUSSEY Pace University, New York, USA
NICOLA LUCKHURST Goldsmith's College, UK
JEANETTE MCVICKER State University of New York at Fredonia, USA
LINDEN PEACH Northumbria University, UK
ALICE STAVELEY Stanford University, USA
DIANA L. SWANSON Northern Illinois University, USA


'This superb collection brings Virginia Woolf scholarship into the twenty-first century. Providing an assessment and survey of the state of recent critical approaches to Woolf's writing, the volume casts its spotlight on critical studies from the 1960s onward. Each lucid and accessible essay covers a key theoretical approach, while interlacing and overlapping the author's perspective on his/her subject to engage in dialogue with other chapters. Theoretically rich and sophisticated, probing and comprehensive, the volume fulfills its promise to help illuminate the study of Woolf for her readers.' - Professor Merry Pawlowski, California State University, Bakersfield, USA
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