Osmoregulation and Drinking in Vertebrates

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Osmoregulation and Drinking in Vertebrates presents some of the most exciting recent advances in the area of osmoregulation, from the control of gene expression to whole animal response. In particular, the differences and similarities in the drinking response between a number of vertebrate groups including both aquatic and terrestrial organisms. As such, this volume will be of interest to all those working in the fields of marine and freshwater biology, comparative physiology and endocrinology and molecular biology of ion transporters and water channels.


Ch 1. DRINKING IN HAGFISHES AND LAMPREYS, J.C. Rankin. The evolution of vertebrate osmoregulation. Drinking in hagfishes. Drinking in lampreys. Materials and Methods. Ch 2. THE CONTROL OF DRINKING IN ELASMOBRANCH FISH WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE RENIN-ANGIOTENSIN SYSTEM, W.G. Anderson, A. Wells. Y. Takei and N. Hazon. Introduction. Regulation of salt and water balance. The rennin-angiotensin system-comparative aspects. Control of drinking in elasmobranches. Control of drinking and osmotic balance. Ch 3. DRINKING IN (VERY YOUNG) FISH, G Flick, S. Varsamos, P.M.G. Guerreiro, X. Fuentes, M.O. Huising and J.C. Fenwick. Introduction. The onset of drinking. Calciotropic hormones and drinking in fish. Drinking hormones and antigens. Ch 4. WATER TRANSPORT AND AQUAPORINS IN THE EUROPEAN EEL, J-H. Lignot, C.P. Cutler, N. Hazon and G. Cramb. Introduction. Water transport in fish. Facilitated water transporters (aquaporins). Aquaporins in fish. Possible roles for AQP1 and AQP3 in the digestive tract of eels. Ch 5. HORMONAL CONTROL OF DRINKING IN EELS: AN EVOLUTIONARY APPROACH, Y. Takei. Introduction. Mechanisms regulating drinking in vertebrates. Renin-angiotensin system (RAS). Natriuretic peptide system (NPS). Kallikrein-kinin system (KKS). Evolutionary consideration. Ch 6. THE ROLE OF ARGININE VASOTOCIN IN TELEOST FISH OSMOREGULATION, J. Warne. Introduction. Response of the AVT system to salinity challenge. Actions of AVT at target tissues.Ch 7. FACILITATIVE EFFECTS OF ANGIOTENSIN II ON PROLACTIN CELL RESPONSES TO OSMOTIC STIMULATION IN TILAPIA, T. Hirano, T.A. Leedom, A.P. Seale and E.G Grau. Introduction. Effects of blood withdrawal on plasma PRL levels. Effects of ANG II on PRL secretion. Facilitation of PRL cell responses to osmotic stimulation by ANG II. Ch 8. NEPHRON STRUCTURE AND IMMUNOHISTOCHEMICAL LOCALIZATION OF ION PUMPS AND AQUAPORINS IN THE KIDNEY OF FROGS INHABITING DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS, M. Uchiyama and H. Yoshizawa. Introduction. Materials and Methods. Morphology of anuran kidney. Na+,K+-ATPase. H+-ATPase. H+,K+-ATPase. Aquaporins. Ch 9. SODIUM AND WATER TRANSPORT AND URINE CONCENTRATION IN AVIAN KIDNEY, H. Nishimura and Z. Fan. Introduction. Functional morphology of the loop of Henle. NaCl and water transport in the loop of Henle. Water transport in the collecting duct. Countercurrent multiplier mechanism for urine concentration. Aquaporin water channels. Ch 10. CONTROL OF WATER BALANCE IN MAMMALS, R.J. Balment. Introduction. Renal mechanisms supporting water balance. Thirst and compensatory drinking. Integration of regulatory mechanisms. Integration of central and peripheral mechanisms to maintain water balance. Ch 11. ORGANISMAL HANDLING OF WATER BALANCE IN VERTEBRATES, R. Acher and J. Chauvet. Introduction. The primordial osmoregulation in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. The osmotic balance in vertebrates. The cascade of protein-protein interactions underlying the neurohypophysial control of osmoregulation. The unique urea-based osmoregulation in elasmobranches. Co-evolution of hydro-osmotic organs and neurohypophysial hormones in amphibia. Molecular and physiological functions of vasotocin. Putative molecular and physiological function of hydrins.
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