Original Laws of Cricket

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Mai 2008



This series of books from the Bodleian Library reproduces the original rules of classic sports, complete with commentary about their historical evolution and adaptation--in attractive, collectible formats. They are informative and often witty companions to the world of sport, bringing the past and present together. Of all the rules governing sports, the laws of cricket are among the oldest. The first written rules of 1744 survive solely on the border of a piece of linen at the Museum of The Marylebone Cricket Club, the home of cricket. "The Original Laws of Cricket "reprints the complete text of this original and explores how these early laws shaped the development of the game and in turn how the social dimensions of the game changed the laws.


Michael Rundell is a noted expert on the history of cricket and is the author of The Oxford Dictionary of Cricket (London, 1995) and The Wisden Dictionary of Cricket (London, 2007).
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