Organization Theory and Postmodern Thought

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Dezember 2003



Despite questions over whether we are `past postmodernism', much debate continues over the potential of postmodern philosophy for organizational theory. Hitherto, there has been no single source which reviews in a thorough and scholarly fashion the work of the major postmodern theorists and assesses their contribution to transforming organization theory.

This book fills that gap. Each chapter in Organization Theory and Postmodern Thought focuses on a major philosopher who has had, or should have, a major influence on organization theory, with special consideration to their impact on management and organization studies more generally.

This book provides an excellent reference for students and academics alike for understanding the key elements of postmodern thinking with reference to organization studies.


Introduction - Stephen Linstead
Opening Up Paths to a Passionate Postmodernism
Michel Foucault - David Knights
Jacques Derrida - Campbell Jones
Jean-Fran[ce]cois Lyotard - Hugo Letiche with Juup Essers
Julia Kristeva - Heather H[um]opfl
Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari - Pippa Carter and Norman Jackson
Jean Baudrillard - Hugo Letiche
Gianni Vattimo, Umberto Eco and Franco Rella - Assunta Viteritti
Getting Past the Post? Recalling Ismism - Stephen Linstead


My background includes undergraduate and Masters degrees in English Literature from the universities of Keele and Leeds , and a further Masters in Organization Development and PhD from what is now Sheffield Hallam University . More recently I was awarded a D.LItt from Durham University . I have held Chairs in Wollongong (NSW), Sunderland . Essex and Durham before moving to York . I also spent 2 years as a Visting Scholar at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
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