Ordered Algebraic Structures

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April 1993



This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the 1991 Conrad Conference, held in Gainesville, Florida, USA, in December, 1991. Together, these give an overview of some recent advances in the area of ordered algebraic structures. The first part of the book is devoted to ordered permutation groups and universal, as well as model-theoretic, aspects. The second part deals with material variously connected to general topology and functional analysis. Collectively, the contents of the book demonstrate the wide applicability of order-theoretic methods, and how ordered algebraic structures have connections with many research disciplines. For researchers and graduate students whose work involves ordered algebraic structures.


Preface. Part One: Groups and Vector Spaces. Isotone Projection Cones; S.J. Bernau. Torison Classes of Vector Lattices; P.F. Conrad, S.M. Lin, D.G. Nelson. Disjoint Conjugate Chains; M.R. Darnel. Big Subgroups of Automorphism Groups of Doubly Homogeneous Chains; A.M.W. Glass, S.H. McCleary. Orderable Groups Satisfying an Engel Condition; Y.K. Kim, A.H. Rhemtulla. On Covers in the Lattice of Quasivarieties of 1-Groups; N.Ya. Medvedev. Part Two: Rings. Ordered Rings of Generalized Power Series; A. Benhissi, P. Ribenboim. Natural Partial Orders on Division Rings with Involution; J. Dauns. Functorial Rings or Quotients I; A.W. Hager, J. Martinez. Semiprime f-Rings that are Subdirect Products of Valuation Domains; M. Henriksen, S. Larson. Piecewise Polynomial Functions; N. Schwartz. Central f-Elements in Lattice-Ordered Algebras; S.A. Steinberg. Archimedean Almost f-Algebras that Arise as Generalized Semigroup Rings; P.J. Wojciechowski. A Characterization of Local-Global f-Rings; S.D. Woodward. Index.
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