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Dezember 1989



The 2-yearly French-German Conferences on Optimization review the state-of-the-art and the trends in the field. The proceedings of the Fifth Conference include papers on projective methods in linear programming (special session at the conference), nonsmooth optimization, two-level optimization, multiobjective optimization, partial inverse method, variational convergence, Newton type algorithms and flows and on practical applications of optimization. A. Ioffe and J.-Ph. Vial have contributed survey papers on, respectively second order optimality conditions and projective methods in linear programming.


A smoothing technique for nondifferentiable optimization problems.- Local study of newton type algorithms for constrained problems.- Numerical study of projective methods for linear programming.- Applications and numerical convergence of the partial inverse method.- On some recent developments in the theory of second order optimality conditions.- On the method of analytic centers for solving smooth convex programs.- An optimization problem with a piecewise linear objective and conditional threshold constraints. Solution by partitioning.- ?-Regularized two-level optimization problems: Approximation and existence results.- Variational convergence and perturbed proximal method for saddle point problems.- Note on pareto optimality and duality for certain nonlinear systems.- An 0(n3L) approximate center method for linear programming.- Improvement and implementation of some algorithms for nonconvex optimization problems.- On a search problem in graph theory.- Gradient newton flows for complex polynomials.- A unified approach to projective algorithms for linear programming.- Programme of the conference.
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