Optical Network Standards

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Includes recently approved adopted and implemented standards for versatile switches, routers and multi-service provisioning platforms.
Numerous illustrative examples showing actual situations or cases implemented.
Covers the activities of all the major optical networking standards bodies and forums (ITU-T, IETF, MEF, and OIF).


Overview.- Overview.- Optical Transport Network Infrastructure.- Architecture of Transport Networks.- Interfaces for Optical Transport Networks.- Multiplex Structures of the Optical Transport Network.- Generic Framing Procedure (GFP).- Synchronization of Optical Networks.- Synchronization Architectures for SONET/SDH Systems and Networks.- Network Survivability.- Services Offered Over Transport Networks.- Metro Ethernet Overview and Architecture.- Ethernet Services Over Metro Ethernet Networks.- Ethernet Services Over Public Wan.- Ethernet Services Over MPLS Networks.- Metro Ethernet Circuit mulation Services.- Metro Ethernet Network Resiliency and Traffic Management.- Sonet Services for Storage Area Networks.- Control and Management of Transport Networks.- Architecting the Automatically Switched Transport Network.- Intra-Network Elements and Component-Centric Standards.- Intra-Network Elements Communication.- Itu Optical Interface Standards.- High-Speed Serial Interconnect.- Standards Development Process.- Standards Development Process.


Over 25 lead contributors and editors of the standards from networking power houses such as Lucent Technologies, Nortel, Marconi, Cisco, British Telecom, Agere Systems, AMCC, PMC-Sierra, Atrica and independent consultants, have come together to make this work a reality.
The volume has been edited by Khurram Kazi, a networking consultant who holds a PhD from University of Connecticut with over 17 years of real-world expertise in the designing ASICs and systems for SONET, IP, ATM, PDH and Ethernet networks. He has published papers and conference tutorials ranging from optical components, to ASICs, to Optical Networks.

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