Operator Algebras and their Connections with Topology and Ergodic Theory

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Juni 1985



Ergodic properties of some C*-dynamical systems.
Factor states on C*-algebras.
Continuous nests and the absorption principle.
Banach bimodule associated to an action of a discrete group on a compact space.
Noncommutative shape theory.
Locality and differential operators on C*-algebras, II.
Strong ergodicity and full II1-factors.
Diameters of state spaces of type III factors.
Problems in quantum field theory and in operator algebras.
Quasi-product states on C*-algebras.
Abelian group actions on type I C*-algebras.
Injectivity and decomposition of completely bounded maps.
JB-algebras with tensor products are C*-algebras.
Reduced C*-algebras of discrete groups which are simple with a unique trace.
Signature operator on lipschitz manifolds and unbounded Kasparov bimodules.
Group actions on Irees and K-amenability.
Diagonals in algebras of continuous trace.
Some problems and results on reflexive algebras.
Approximation for actions of amenable groups and transversal automorphisms.
Remarks on pseudonormalcy.
Groupoid dynamical systems and crossed product.
Z2 - Equivariant K - Theory.
Ranges of traces on Ko of reduced crossed products by free groups.
K-theory of the reduced C*-algebra of SL2(Qp).
Hyperfinite subalgebras normalized by a given automorphism and related problems.
Two applications of the dual groupoid of a C*-algebra.
Invariants for topological markov chains.
"Vector bundles" over higher dimensional "non-commutative tori".
Produits tensoriels de Z - modules et applications.
Cohomology and the absence of strong ergodicity for ergodic group actions.
Coding of markov shifts.
C*-algebras of anosov foliations.
A lattice-theoretic characterization of choquet simplexes.
Dirac induction for semi-simple lie groups having one conjugacy class of cartan subgroups.
Symmetries of some reduced free product C*-algebras.
Vector Gleason measures and their Fourier transforms.
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