Operative Manual of Endoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery

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Dezember 2016



This current guide to surgery describes the complete field of minimally invasive surgery possible today and represents a systematic account from a didactic point of view. The authors and editors are pioneers of worldwide repute in their respective techniques. Special emphasis has been placed on highly informative drawings which form an instructive complement to the numerous accompanying "real-time" figures taken directly during operative procedures through the endoscope. This revised, updated and enhanced second edition covers all basic techniques used in endoscopic gastrointestinal surgery.


General Part:Specific Part: Endoscopic Surgery for Oesophageal Motility Disorders; Endoscopic Anti-reflux Surgery; Endoscopic Resection of Oesophageal Tumours; Endoscopic Gastric Surgery; Endoscopic Biliary Surgery; Endoscopic Hepatic Surgery; Endoscopic Surgery for Pancreatic Disorders; Endoscopic Surgery for Splenic Disorders; Endoscpocic Surgery on the Small Intestine and Vermiform Appendix; Endoscopic Surgery on the Colon, Rectum and Anal Canal. Endoscopic Surgery of the Abdominal Wall.


 A graduate of the Royal University of Malta (MD 1961) and the University of Liverpool Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri FRSE is presently Professor of Surgery at Dundee, having just stepped down as Head of the Department of Surgery and Molecular Oncology. In a distinguished research  career, he is renowned for his pioneering work in developing the field of minimal access to related imaging and endo-effector technologies. Sir Alfred is Editor of the journal Surgical Endoscopic Seminars in Laparoscopic Surgery. His many awards have included: Fellowship of the Royal Edinburgh;  The Queen's award for Higher and Continued Education; The SAGES outstanding award; The Nissen Prize (German Surgical Association) and also Knight Bachelor.He is visiting 34 universities on 4 continents, and has published over 350 papers in the peer-reviewd literatur.

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