Operations and Management in IP-Based Networks

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Oktober 2005



Thebeginningofthe21stcenturyiswitnessingadrivetotheconvergenceof?xed and mobile telecommunication networks and the increasing adoption of IP te- nologies for implementing seamless multimedia applications in next-generation networks. The IEEE International Workshop Series on IP Operations & M- agement (IPOM) is documenting this evolution by providing snapshots of the state of the art in the ?eld of operations and management in IP-based networks. The 5th IEEE International Workshop on IP Operations & Management (IPOM2005),devotedtothe O&MChallengesinNextGenerationServicesand Networks , was held in Barcelona, Spain, October 26 28, 2005. Here IPOM was one of the ?ve collocated events under the banner First International Week on ManagementonNetworksandServices( ,togetherwith the 16th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Ope- tionsandManagement(DSOM2005),the8thInternationalConferenceonM- agement of Multimedia Networks and Services (MMNS 2005), the 2005 Sym- siumonSelf-stabilizingSystems(SSS2005)andthe1stIEEE/IFIPInternational Workshop on Autonomic Grid Networking and Management (AGNM 2005). Thisbookcontainstheo?cialproceedingsofIPOM2005.Itfeatures21hi- quality papers grouped into seven technical sessions looking at O&M for VoIP, IMS and managed IP services, management of open interfaces, QoS and pricing in NGNs, autonomic communications, policy-based management, routing and topologies, routing and tools, as well as experiences from testbeds and trials. Additional papers presented in two short sessions are published separately. Wewouldliketothanktheauthorsforalltheire?orts,aswellasthemembers of the Technical ProgramCommittee, and the reviewers. Without their support the high-quality program of this event would not have been possible. We are also indebted to many individuals and organizations that made the conference possible (IEEE, IARIA, Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, JEMS s drivers, and the Universitat Polit` ecnica de Catalunya).


IPOM in VoIP, IMS and Managed IP Services.- Emergency Telecommunication Support for IP Telephony.- On the Interaction of SIP and Admission Control: An Inter-domain Call Authorization Model for Internet Multimedia Applications.- Experimental Evaluation of the IP Multimedia Subsystem.- Open Interfaces, QoS and Pricing in NGNs.- Open Service Access for QoS Control in Next Generation Networks - Improving the OSA/Parlay Connectivity Manager.- Remote Service Invocation Through Heterogeneous Networks Using Open Environments.- Modeling of Dynamic Pricing by Market Demand in Multiple QoS Networks.- Autonomic Communications.- Towards an Autonomic Service Architecture.- Random Feedbacks for Selfish Nodes Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- A Packet Class-Based Scheme for Providing Throughput Guarantees to TCP Flows.- Policy-Based Management.- Policy-Based Fault Management for Integrating IP over Optical Networks.- POBUCS Framework: Integrating Mobility and QoS Management in Next Generation Networks.- Executable Graphics for PBNM.- Routing.- Discovering Topologies at Router Level.- Comprehensive Solution for Anomaly-Free BGP.- On the Sensitivity of Transit ASes to Internal Failures.- Routing and Tools.- A NetConf Network Management Suite: ENSUITE.- Rtanaly: A System to Detect and Measure IGP Routing Changes.- Automatic Configuration for VPN Using Active XML.- Experiences from Testbeds and Trials.- Evaluation of the Fast Handover Implementation for Mobile IPv6 in a Real Testbed.- A Trial Experience on Management of MPLS-Based Multiservice Networks.- Performance of Traffic Engineering in Operational IP Networks - An Experimental Study.


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