On the Waterfront

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In order to comprehensively examine one of the most important films of the Hollywood canon, these essays analyze the screenplay, Elia Kazan as director, Budd Schulberg as screenplay writer, Leonard Bernstein's score, and the reception of the film in classrooms. Collectively, they demonstrate how and why this film has been an enduring favorite among cineastes and movie buffs alike. A preface by Budd Schulberg, contemporary reviews, and reproductions of stills complete the volume.


Introduction: 'The mysterious way of art': making a difference in On the Waterfront Joanna E. Rapf; 1. The personal and the political: Elia Kazan and On the Waterfront Brian Neve; 2. Schulberg on the waterfront Dan Georgakas; 3. On the Waterfront: script analysis conventional and unconventional Lance Lee; 4. An actor prepares David Thomson; 5. Visual coding and social class in On the Waterfront Jeffrey Chown; 6. Leonard Bernstein and On the Waterfront: tragic nobility, a lyrical song, and music of violence John Burligame.
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