On Quine: New Essays

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Juli 2007



A collection of essays which critically evaluate the writings of Quine.


Acknowledgements; List of contributors; Introduction Paolo Leonardi and Marco Santambrogio; 1. Pursuit of the concept of truth Donald Davidson; 2. A view from Elm Street Umberto Eco; 3. Quine on exile and acquiescence Barry Stroud; 4. In what sense is language public? Dagfinn Follesdal; 5. Against naturalized epistemology Bas C. Van Fraassen; 6. Quine on the naturalizing of epistemology Roger Gibson; 7. Quine on physical objects Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara and Giuliano Toraldo di Francia; 8. The place of natural language James Higginbotham; 9. Quine's experiment with intensional objects and his existentialist quantified modal logic Hector-Neri Castaneda; 10. Transparency and specificity in intentional contexts Andrea Bonomi; 11. Quine and the attitudes Ernest Lepore and Barry Loewer; 12. Relational belief Nathan Salmon; 13. Referential opacity Fabrizio Mondadori; 14. On naming Paolo Leonardi and Ernesto Napoli; 15. Mathematical necessity reconsidered Hilary Putnam; 16. Quotational ambiguity George Boolos; 17. Quine and Godel on analyticity Charles Parsons; 18. On Quine's approach to natural deduction Carlo Cellucci; 19. Skepticism about semantic facts Dirk Koppelberg; 20. Reactions W. V. Quine.


" a valuable and important volume...of high quality papers which has much to offer both students of Quine's work and others interested in central topics of recent analytical philosophy." Review of Metaphysics "The volume should be of special interest to philosohers of language, philosophers of mind, logicians, philosophers of mathematics and epistemologists as well as to anyone curious about Quine's philosophy." Mathematical reviews clippings 98h
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