Occupational Health Psychology: The Challenge of Workplace Stress

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Januar 1991



This book contains an overview of research into stress in the workplace and also provides a practical framework for which both students and managers can develop their skills and knowledge to implement effective intervention strategies in organisations.


1. Introduction. 2. What is stress? 3. Stress reactions and sources of stress. 4. The approach. 5.Addendum: Interventions.


Marc J. Schabracq teaches courses on work and health psychology at the University of Amsterdam and is a consultant in human aspects of production and change to both profit and non-profit organisations. He is well known as an author of 17 scholarly books and over 100 articles as well as media appearances and a novelist. Together with Cary Cooper and Jacques Winnubst, he is also editor on the internationally known Handbook of Work and Health Psychology, published by John Wiley. Cary C. Cooper is Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at the Manchester School of Management, UMIST. He has authored over 80 books and 300 scholarly articles on different aspects of occupational health in general and stress in particular, and is a frequent contributor to the media. He is founding editor of the Journal of Organisational Behaviour, co-editor of Stress Medicine and the International Journal of Management Review. He is a Fellow of the BPS, the Royal Society of Arts, the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Society of Health. Currently, Professor Cooper is President of the British Academy of Management, a Companion of the Institute of Management and a Fellow of the American Academy of Management. Cheryl Travers teaches in the Business School, Loughborough University, where she has held several post the most recent being Director of Doctoral Training. Her research interests and publication are various: occupational stress, management of change, women in management, and the impact of personality type on adaptation to work. She acts as a Consultant in most areas of management development, in particular, stress management and the management of change, to clients in both the public and the private sectors. She is co-author with Cary Cooper, of Teachers Under Pressure: Stress in the Teaching Profession, published by Routledge. David J. van Maanen is a psychologist and business administration consultant on the implementation of change in both profit and non-profit organisations. His work includes coaching managers and teams in goal-setting and realising change. He also teaches the subject of organisational health to post-graduates in the Netherlands.


"This book is good in every way. It addresses its subject fairly and squarely in a literary style that neither overwhelms nor patronises. It offers a balance of pragmatic application and robust theory. It is well 'signposted' for easy access." Julie Hyde, Professional Manager, November 2001.
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