Obtaining the best from Regulation and Competition

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November 2004



Deregulation has introduced competition into traditionally monopolistic markets, particularly telecommunications and electric utilities. This book brings together ten essays that were presented at the Center for Research in Regulated Industries at Rutgers University and funded by several regulated companies. The authors, who include young scholars as well as established and highly regarded consultants and researchers, address some of the major issues now facing network industries and regulators - deregulation, competition, stranded assets, diversification, pricing, and mergers and acquisitions.


Regulation and Competition as Complements.- Bringing Competition to Telecommunications by Divesting the RBOCs.- Multi-Lot Auctions.- The Anatomy of Institutional and Organizational Failure.- Coopetition in the Telecommunications Industry.- Forward and Spot Prices in Electricity and Gas Markets.- Combinatorial Interlicense Competition.- Energy Trading Strategies in California.- Economic Impacts of Electricity Outages in Los Angeles.- Beyond Capture.
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