Nurses' Work: Issues Across Time and Place

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September 2006



With contributions from some of the most renowned nursing scholars and historians, the real-life history of how nurses worked and how they endured the ever-changing economic, social, educational, and technological milieu is presented in a captivating collection of articles.


Preface; Section 1: Those Who Do Nurses Work; Introduction, Patricia D'Antonio; Family Caregiving in the Nineteenth Century: Emily Hawley Gillespie and Sarah Gillespie, 1858-1888, Emily K. Abel; The Legacy of Domesticity: Nursing in Early Nineteenth Century America, Patricia D'Antonio; Unheralded Nurses: Male Caregivers in the Nineteenth Century South, Linda E. Sabin; "Satisfied to Carry the Bag": Three Black Community Health Nurses' Contributions to Health Care Reform, 1900-1937, Marie O. Pitts Mosley; Section 2: Nurses Ambivalent Relationship with Money; Introduction, Ellen D. Baer; A Sound Economic Basis for Nursing, Mary Adelaide Nutting; Nursing's Divided House - An Historical View, Ellen D. Baer; "A Necessity in the Nursing World": The Chicago Professional Registry, 1913-1959, Jean C. Whelan; The Cost of Caring: The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company's Visiting Nurse Service, 1900-1953, Diane Hamilton; Section 3: Nurses' Work; Introduction, Sylvia D. Rinker; Nurses: The Early Twentieth Century Tuberculosis Preventorium's "Connecting Link", Cynthia A. Connolly; "The Steel Cocoon:" Tales of Nurses and Patients of the Iron Lung, 1929-1955, Lynne M. Dunphy; Alternative Visions: The Nurse-Technology Relationship in the Context of the History of Technology, Julie Fairman; Blood Work: Canadian Nursing and Blood Transfusion, 1942-1990, Cynthia Toman; Section 4: Work and Knowledge; Introduction, Joan E. Lynaugh; Theory and Practice, Agnes S. Brennen; The Nurse-Clinician, Frances Reiter; The Development of a Personal Concept, Virginia A. Henderson; Clinical Nursing Practices and Patient Outcomes: Evaluation, Evolution, and Revolution, Margaret D. Sovie; Historical Analysis of Siderail Use in American Hospitals, Barbara L. Brush and Elizabeth Capezuti; Index.
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