Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Probes of Molecular Dynamics

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Probes of Molecular Dynamics describes the theoretical basis and experimental techniques that make modern NMR spectroscopy a powerful and flexible tool for probing molecular dynamics in chemical, physical, and biochemical systems. Individual chapters, written by leaders in the development and application of NMR from around the world, treat systems that range from synthetic polymers, liquid crystals, and catalysts to proteins and oligonucleotides and techniques that include deuterium NMR, magic angle spinning, multidimensional spectroscopy, and magnetic resonance imaging. A combination of elementary and advanced material makes the book a useful introduction to the field for students at the graduate level as well as an important reference for practising NMR spectroscopists.


I. How Does Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Probe Molecular Dynamics; R. Tycko. II. Deuterium NMR Studies of Dynamics in Solids and Liquid Crystals; R.R. Vold. III. Molecular Dynamics in Polymers Studied by Multidimensional Solid-State NMR; B.F. Chmelka, K. Schmidt-Rohr, H.W. Spiess. IV. Dynamic Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy; S. Vega. V. Relaxation-Induced Transfer of Nuclear Spin Polarization as a Probe of Molecular Structure and Dynamics in Mobile Phases; L.G. Werbelow. VI. Pressure as an Experimental Variable in NMR Studies of Molecular Dynamics; J. Jonas. VII. Connections between NMR Measurements and Theoretical Models of Structural Dynamics of Biopolymers in Solution; R. Brüschweiler. VIII. Investigating Furanose Ring Dynamics in Oligonucleotides with Solid State 2H NMR; D.L. Matiello, G.P. Drobny. IX. Protein Mobility from Multiple 15N Relaxation Parameters; J. Peng, G. Wagner. X. Transport Ordered 2D-NMR Spectroscopy; C.S. Johnson. XI. PGSE NMR and Molecular Translational Motion in Porous Media; P.T. Callaghan, A. Coy. XII. NMR Spectroscopy and Dynamics at Catalytic Surfaces; T.M. Duncan.



"I enjoyed reading this book and also learned a great deal. ... this book is invaluable for any researcher of molecular dynamics as probed by NMR. It is well written with a good balance between theory, application of theory in terms of design of the NMR experiment, and applications of these methods to real problems."
(Journal of Microscopy, 183 (1996)
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