Novel Approaches to Treatment of Osteoporosis

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Januar 2013



Osteoporosis affects a growing number of the population. Current treatments are based on prevention of further bone loss after the condition is diagnosed, often because a fracture has occurred. Treatments in the future will aim at healing osteoporosis by improving bone mass and quality. This book describes novel discoveries and research which will allow bone to be restored after it has been lost.


The Advantages and Limitations of Cell Culture as a Model of Bone Formation; The Identification and Isolation of Cells of the Osteoblast Lineage in Cultures of Adult Human Bone- Derived Cells by Dual Labeling with the Monoclonal Antibodies STRO1 and B4-78; Apoptosis in Bone Cells; Genetics in Osteoporosis; The Regulation of Bone Cell and Proliferation by Transcription Factors; Transgenic and Gene Knock-Out Animals in Skeletal Research; Mechanotransduction: An Inevitable Process for Skeletal Maintenance; The Regulation of Gene Expression in Bone by... Mechanical Loading; Amplification of the Osteogenic Stimulus of Load-Bearing as a Logical Therapy for the treatment and Prevention of Osteoporosis; Novel Aspects of Parathyroid Hormone/Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein Hormone-Receptor Interactions; Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: Role, Modes of Action and Potential Sifgnificance in Osteoporosis
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