Novel Approaches in Biosensors and Rapid Diagnostic Assays

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Oktober 2001



In the medical, food, and environmental fields there is a continuous demand for inexpensive and sensitive analytical devices that are reliable, rapid, capable of high-throughput screening, and have low cost per test unit. Small and portable biosensor devices are designed to fulfill most of these requirements, and can be used in laboratory and on-site field testing. This volume discusses major issues in optical, acoustic and electrochemical-based biosensors, biochips, sensing recognition elements, and biosensors for medical and environmental applications. The papers presented at the conference represent basic and applied research studies in the fields of diagnostic assays and biosensor development. Novel technologies, such as arrays of sensors using high-density fiber optics to sense labeled or unlabeled oligonucleotides, and patterned arrays of recognition elements, demonstrated the capability of biosensors to analyze multiple analytes.


1. Analyzing Unamplified Gene Sequences with High Density Optical Fiber Arrays.- 2. Array Biosensor for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Analytes.- 3. Acoustic Wave Study of Interfacially-Bound Proteins, Nucleic Acids and Blood Platelets.- 4. High Frequency Acoustic STW Biosensor.- 5. Ultrasensitive and Specific Electronic Transduction of DNA Sensing Processes.- 6. Enzyme-Amplified Amperometric Detection of Hybridization and of a Single Base Pair Mutation in an 18 Base Oligonucleotide on a 7 ?m Diameter Microelectrode.- 7. Development and Application of Bioelectrochemical Sensors for On-Site Monitoring.- 8. Sol-Gel Derived Composite Ceramic Carbon Biosensors.- 9. Holographic Biosensors.- 10. Waveguide Fluorosensor for the Detection of Ligand-Receptor Interactions: The 5-HT3 Serotonin Receptor.- 11. Importance of Biochips in the Study of Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors: Biochips and Nicotinic Receptors.- 12. Improving DNA-Chip Technology: Chemical Aspects.- 13. The Application of Biorecognition.- 14. The Use of Imprinted Polymers as Recognition Elements in Biosensors and Binding Assays.- 15. Molecular Imprinting and Chemical Sensing: Synthetic Antibodies.- 16. Electropolymerizable Bipyrrole-Biotin: A New Derivative for the Immobilization of Ligands onto Electrode Surfaces.- 17. New Approaches to Rapid Diagnostics Using Bichromic Polymers and Organic Thin Films.- 18. Recent Uses of Microspheres in Diagnostic Tests and Assays.- 19. Luminescence Oxygen Channeling Assay (LOCITM): A Highly Sensitive and Versatile Homogeneous Assay Method.- 20. Direct and Continuous Measurements of Oxygen Partial Pressure Using a Tissue-Inserted Optical Oxygen Microsensor: During Photodynamic Therapy.- 21. Glucose Monitoring by Reverse Iontophoresis.- 22. Rapid Methods of Microbiological Analysis: An Update.- 23. Revolutionary Technologies for Bio Detection.
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