Nonverbal Communication and Translation: New Perspectives and Challenges in Literature, Interpretation and the Media

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April 1997



This work relates nonverbal communication studies to the specific tasks and problems involved in the translation of literary works, as well as film and television texts. Topics dealt with include discourse in translation, intercultural problems, narrative literature, theatre, and poetry.


1. Preface, pxi;
2. Acknowledgments, pxii;
3. Introduction (by Poyatos, Fernando), p1;
Part 1. Discourse and nonverbal communication;
5. Aspects, problems and challenges of nonverbal communication in literary translation (by Poyatos, Fernando), p17;
6. Discourse features in non-verbal communication: Implications for the translator (by Hatim, Basil), p49;
Part 2. Cultures in translation;
8. The identification of gestural images in Chinese literary expressions (by Shun-chiu, Yau), p69;
9. Some aspects of Japanese cultural ethos embedded in nonverbal communicative behaviour (by Hasada, Rie), p83;
Part 3. Narrative literature;
11. Alice abroad: dealing with descriptions and transcriptions of paralanguage in literary translation (by Nord, Christiane), p107;
12. The translation of gestures in the English and German versions of Manzoni's I Promesse Sposi (by Diadori, Pierangela), p131;
13. Punctuation in Hans Christian Andersen's stories and in their translations into English (by Malmkjaer, Kirsten), p151;
14. Matching verbal and nonverbal communication in a holocaust memoir and its translation (by Tobin, Yishai), p163;
Part 4. Theater;
16. "Is this a dagger which I see before me?": The non-verbal language of drama (by Snell-Hornby, Mary), p187;
17. Verbal and non-verbal constituents in theatrical texts and implications for translators (by Shiyab, Said), p203;
Part 5. Poetry;
19. "Whose morsel of lips will you bite?": Some reflections on the role of prosody and genre as non-verbal elements in the translation of poetry (by Golden, Sean), p217;
Part 6. Interpretation;
21. the reality of multichannel verbal-nonverbal communication in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation (by Poyatos, Fernando), p249;
22. Kinesics and the simultaneous interpreter: the advantages of listening with one's eyes and speaking with one's body (by Viaggio, Sergio), p283;
23. From babel to Brussels: Conference interpreting and the art of the impossible (by Weale, Edna), p295;
Part 7. the audiovisual channels for translation- film and television dubbing;
25. Translating non-verbal information in dubbing (by Chaume Varela, Frederic), p315;
26. Dubbing and the nonverbal dimension of translation (by Zabalbeascoa, Patrick), p327;
27. List of contributors, p343;
28. Name index, p349;
29. Subject index, p357
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