Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems in Automotive Control

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Oktober 2002



This book will enable researchers, control engineers and automotive engineers to understand the engine and whole-vehicle models necessary for control. A range of contributors from academic and industrial backgrounds cover subjects from suspension control to Hamiltonian formulation of bond graphs.


Implementation of an Active Suspension, Preview Controller for Improved Ride Comfort.
Active and Passive Suspension Control for Vehicle Dive and Squat.
Modeling of Drivers' Longitudinal Behavior.
Nonlinear Adaptive Backstepping with Estimator Resetting Using Multiple Observers.
ABS Control: A Design Model and Control Structure.
Controller Design for Hybrid Systems Using Simultaneous D-stabilisation and Its Application to Anti-lock Braking Systems.
Wheel Slip Control in ABS Brakes Using Gain Scheduled Constrained LQR.
Friction Tire/Road Modeling, Estimation and Optimal Braking Control.
Nonlinear Observer Control of Internal Combustion Engines with EGR.
Idle Speed Control Synthesis Using an Assume-Guarantee Approach.
Fault Diagnosis of Switched Non-linear Dynamical Systems with Application to a Diesel Injection System.
Modelling of the Dynamic Behavior of Three-way Catalytic Converters During the Warm-up Phase.
Control of Gasoline Direct Injection Engines Using Torque Feedback: A Simulation Study.
Closed-loop Combustion Control of HCCI Engines.
Approximations of Maximal Controlled Safe Sets for Hybrid Systems.
Hamiltonian Formulation of Bond Graphs.
Stability Analysis of Hybrid Systems: A Gear-box Application.
On the Experience and Uniqueness of Solution Trajectories to Hybrid Dynamical Systems.


From the reviews:
"The book presents an overview of systems and control research issues in the application context of automotive control (AE). ... This book is an excellent up-to-date reference presenting a variety of original applications of system and control theory in automotive control. It presents also new effort to solve theoretical problems arising from problems in AE. ... The book is intended for researchers, practitioners, and advanced postgraduate students working in the areas of control engineering, mechanical engineering and applied mathematics ... ." (Lubomír Bakule, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1098 (24), 2006)
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