Ninth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, The: On Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental General Relativity, Gravitation and Relativistic Field The

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In 1975 the Marcel Grossmann Meetings were established by Remo Ruffini and Abdus Salam to provide a forum for discussion of recent advances in gravitation, general relativity, and relativistic field theories. In these meetings, which are held once every three years, every aspect of research is emphasized -- mathematical foundations, physical predictions, and numerical and experimental investigations. The major objective of these meetings is to facilitate exchange among scientists, so as to deepen our understanding of the structure of space -- time and to review the status of both the ground-based and the space-based experiments aimed at testing the theory of gravitation.The Marcel Grossmann Meetings have grown under the guidance of an International Organizing Committee and a large International Coordinating Committee. The first two meetings, MG1 and MG2, were held in Trieste (1975, 1979). A most memorable MG3 (1982) was held in Shanghai and represented the first truly international scientific meeting in China after the so-called Cultural Revolution. Three years later MG4 was held in Rome (1985). It was at MG4 that "astroparticle physics" was born.MGIXMM was organized by the International Organizing Committee composed of D Blair, Y Choquet-Bruhat, D Christodoulou, T Damour, J Ehlers, F Everitt, Fang Li Zhi, S Hawking, Y Ne'eman, R Ruffini (chair), H Sato, R Sunyaev, and S Weinberg. Essential to the organization was an International Coordinating Committee of 135 members from scientific institutions of 54 countries. MGIXMM was attended by 997 scientists of 69 nationalities. It took place on 2-8 July 2000 at the University of Rome, Italy. The scientific programs included 60 plenaryand review talks, as well as talks in 88 parallel sessions. The three volumes of the proceedings of MGIXMM present a rather authoritative view of relativistic astrophysics, which is becoming one of the priorities in scientific endeavour. The papers appearing in these volumes


Gravitational collapse of the wavefunction - an experimentally testable proposal, R. Penrose; local and global results on the Cauchy problem for the Einstein equations, Y. Choquet-Bruhat; mathematical challenges of general relativity, S. Klainerman; the global initial value problem in general relativity, D. Christodoulou; quantum gravity at the turn of the millennium, G.T. Horowitz; spinors, superalgebras and the signature of spacetime, S. Ferrara; recent developments in superstring theory, J.H. Schwarz; superstring phenomenology and large extra dimensions, I. Antoniadis; quantum strings and black holes, T. Damour; gravitational waves - the new generation of interferometric detectors, B.C. Barish; TAMA Project, T. Kimio; resonant detectors of gravitational waves, E. Coccia; implications of the r-mode instability of rotating relativistic stars, J.L. Friedman and K.H. Lockitch; chaotic phenomena in astrophysics and cosmology, V.G. Gurzadyan; astrophysical neutrinos - 20th century and beyond, J.N. Bahcall; solar and atmospheric neutrino results from super-kamiokande, T. Kajita; geodetic precession in binary neutron stars, M. Kramer; the hot Big Bang - physics and cosmology, R.B. Partridge; imaging the early universe and measuring the curvature of space, P. De Bernardis; type Ia supernovae and the accelerating universe, G. Aldering; the structure of the universe on 100 Mpc scales, J. Einasto; the distance scale of GRBs and the role of BeppoSAX, E. Costa; the cosmic gamma-ray bursts, S.G. Djorgovski et al; black holes and gamma ray bursts, R. Ruffini; spectral and timing signatures of the converging inflow into black hole -observational evidence of a black hole existence, L. Titarchuk; x-ray novae and the evidence for black hole event horizons, R. Narayan et al; strong field gravity measurements with quasi-periodic oscillations from low mass x-ray binaries, L. Stella; cosmic journeys - to the edge of gravity, space and time, N. White. (Part contents)
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