Next Frontier in Agent-based Complex Automated Negotiation

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This book focuses on automated negotiations based on multi-agent systems. It is intended for researchers and students in various fields involving autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, such as e-commerce tools, decision-making and negotiation support systems, and collaboration tools. The contents will help them to understand the concept of automated negotiations, negotiation protocols, negotiating agents' strategies, and the applications of those strategies. In this book, some negotiation protocols focusing on the multiple interdependent issues in negotiations are presented, making it possible to find high-quality solutions for the complex agents' utility functions. This book is a compilation of the extended versions of the very best papers selected from the many that were presented at the International Workshop on Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations.


Toward a Framework for Implementing and Analyzing Meta-Strategies on Simultaneous Negotiations.
A Negotiation Method for Task Allocation with Time Constraints in Open Grid Environments.
Adjustable Fuzzy Inference for Adaptive Grid Resource Negotiation.
Automated Negotiations based on Monotonic Tree Representations.
Effects of GA based Mediation Protocol for Utilities that Change over Time.
First Steps in Chat-Based Negotiating Agents.
Federated Cloud-Based Resource Allocation by Automated Negotiations Using Strategy Changes.-The Fourth Automated Negotiation Competition.
AgentKF -Automated Negotiating Agent with Strategy Adaptation.
The Fawkes Agent - the ANAC 2013 Negotiation Contest Winner.


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